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girl's breast will grow at 10 years old or older and sometimes when you are younger like some girls who grow fast

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Does every girl has breasts?

Yes, every girl has breasts.

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.

What might cause hair on or around your breasts?

Every girl has hair on her breasts

If you grab a girls breasts do they grow?

No. But you might be prosecuted if you are not the girl or the breasts are not your own.

How do you acquire breasts?

By being a girl.

How can you get a girl to show you her breasts?

seduce her

Do boys like flat girl breasts or fat breasts?

big juicy ones

I am a young girl breasts hurt why?

if you have entered puberty, your breasts will usually be sore from time to time

Can a girl get pregnant if you suck on her breasts?

Really? no

Will a 10 year old girl get breasts?


Is it normal for dogs not to have breasts?

yes if its a girl

Do guys like sucking breasts?

guys love sucking, squeezing and playing with breastsdont know why girls do it but im bi and its great 2 have girl on girl :)

What do you have to be to be a hooters girl?

To be a hooters girl you must be female and have very large breasts.

Why do girls love guys with circumsizes dick?

Think of it this way. Given the choice, would you choose a girl with smaller breasts or a girl with bigger breasts? You would pick the woman with the bigger breasts, wouldn't you? It's the same for women.

Can a girl have Breasts?

they do what planet r u from loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do breasts change?

by hormones that change a girl to a women

Who is the girl from Brainiac with the big breasts?

Michelle Thorne

National Lampoon's European Vacation which girl shows her breasts to rusty?

Beer girl

Does Debby Ryan have breasts?

yes every girl has boobs

What to guys to to breasts?

guys suck on boobs and the squeeze them -girl

Is it okay to have breasts?

Yes, it is a normal thing. Every girl has them.

What does stacked girl means?

Her breasts are bigger than average

What is the earliest age a girl can develop breasts?

At least 8.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy sucks her breasts?

Absolutely not. Period.

How many breasts does a 3 year old girl have?