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Makeup is a way to attract boys or men. So, the time to start wearing makeup is when the girl's parents say it is OK to do so.

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Q: When does a girl start wearing makeup?
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What is the right age for a girl to start wearing makeup?

I think the right age for a girl to start wearing makeup is up to her and her gaurdian(s). If it helps for you to know, I started wearing makeup at about 12. I started wearing makeup because i was ready. I don't think you should wear makeup if your not ready and you don't have your gaurdian(s) permission. Therefore i don't think theres any exact/ proper age for a young girl to start wearing makeup :)

Why did women start wearing makeup?

Women where makeup to look prettier then they already are:)

What age should you wear makeup?

There is no one best age for a girl to start wearing makeup. Some people feel that since makeup is a means to portray sexual maturity and fecundity, prepubescent girls should not wear makeup.

What age do most girls start wearing makeup?

About from 12

What is a good age to start makeup?

I think girls should start wearing makeup whenever they feel like it (not feel pressured to wear it just because other girls their age are wearing it). But I think that a good age to start wearing makeup (apart from special occasions e.g. wedding, etc) is about 11. I started wearing makeup (just mascara and eyeliner) when I was about 11, and when I was 13 I started wearing proper makeup (foundation, lipstick, etc) :)

Should a nine year old girl wear make uup?

NO! I didn't start wearing makeup until the 6th grade.

Why makeup is necessary?

Makeup is not necessary once you start wearing makeup you can not stop because it wrecks your face but a little makeup every now and then is okay

When did ancient Chinese people start wearing makeup?

in umm. 2015?

What year did the band kiss start wearing makeup?

The first KISS show with makeup was January 30, 1973.

How do you STOP being a tomboy?

To stop being a tomboy you have to either turn into a girly girl, or be a regular girl. You have to stop wearing boy clothes, wear makeup (if you want to), and start being a girl again.

Should you wear makeup to school?

It all depends on whether or not you're ready to wear makeup. It's 100% your decision! Some kids start wearing makeup in grade school, with others end up never wearing makeup.

How old should you be to wear makeup to school?

Keep a fresh outlook-> start wearing when you turn 18. you really shouldn't be wearing any makeup at all in middle school

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