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Lions do not hibernate, be it the North American mountain lions or the African and Asian lions.


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The Golden Lion Tamarin does not hibernate.

Mountain lions don't hibernate. None of the cat species do.


No they do not hibernate. They are a cat and cats do hibernate instead they would go further from the home territory to find food and hunt.

No they do not. The mountain lion is a highly adaptive feline, able to withstand the harsh conditions in the Rocky and Andes mountains. The mountain lion does not hibernate and therefore the mountain lions undergo uncompromising winters.

Pumas remain active all year, they do not hibernate.

Lions don't hibernate, none of the cat species do.

They migrate like most mammals found that spend much time in water

No, cheetahs do not hibernate.

Kookaburras do not hibernate. No birds in Australia hibernate.

No..Geese do not hibernate..Birds do not hibernate.

No cockroaches do not hibernate. Bugs them selves do not hibernate.

no they do not hibernate

They do not hibernate.

They do not hibernate.

No! it does not hibernate.:)

no they do not hibernate

No, they do not hibernate.

No, they do not hibernate.

No, they do not hibernate.

yes they do hibernate. yes they do hibernate.

No, tigers do not hibernate.

No, they do not.bobcats are not bares they sleep at points but do not hibernateNo. No cats hibernate.

Eagles do not hibernate. Birds don't hibernate.

Red foxes do not hibernate. No fox species hibernate.

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