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When does a person in the entertainment business get proclaimed as a celebrity?


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When they put out a good movie and make money for that particular studio and when the public screams for more!


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Nari, she is a normal person with no connections to the entertainment business.

A person who inspires you the most is normally referred to as a role model. This could be your parent, a successful business person, a politician, a celebrity, or any other person.

A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.2. A promoter in the entertainment industry.

Celebrity is a noun. It describes a type of person.

The official definition of the word celebrity is "a famous person."

As an example, the false appeal to celebrity can attract buyers. Appeal to celebrity is when a famous person endorses a product but has no recognized, tangible expertise on the matter. Why should you trust John Madden with car repair?

A hero is someones idol a celebrity is a famous person

A pseudo celebrity is a every day person a common unknown where people talk about him/her also take pictures as if they were a real celebrity

The definition of a celebrity is simply a famous person. This could be taken in many different ways. You could be a celebrity in your local town or a celebrity known throughout the country.

A famous person is a celebrity.

A celebrity is someone who the media follows, while a famous person is someone well known but not usually in the media spotlight.

It depens if the person likes entertainment. I would say about $150 to $5,000. Like I said it depends on the person who you are talking about.

Jamie Lynn SpearsOne Entertainment9220 Sunset Blvd.Suite 306Los Angeles, CA 90069USAWikiAnswers will not provide personal, private phone numbers or email or residential addresses for any person, celebrity or non-celebrity.

A famous person can be called a celebrity or a star.

Depends on how you view celebrities, and what your take is, i.e. what your requirements are to be a celebrity. Carmelo is a well known person, so I would consider him a celebrity.

There are thousands of good questions that a person can ask while interviewing a celebrity. An example is, " Who was your inspiration?".

A hero is someone who accomplished something valiant or brave. A celebrity is a widely known person.

Any celebrity can be a Satanist; it all depends on if the person is open about their religion choice or their affiliation with the Church of Satan.

Popular,Celebrity,&& Actor.

The plural of celebrity (famous person) is celebrities.

That's not a celebrity. There is no information on that person.

the average cost of entertainment for one person can vary depending on where you live or your personality and what you like to spend on.

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