When does a spring lose its elasticity?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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i dont think it does but it might if its rusted

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Q: When does a spring lose its elasticity?
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Why do spring balance shows wrong readings after they have been used for a longtime?

After prolonged use the springs lose some of their elasticity. As a result the calibration is inaccurate.

What causes the arteries to lose there elasticity?

When the artery walls lose their elasticity, this is called arteriosclerosis. When this happens, the body has a tougher time circulating blood.

Does your butt lose elasticity when it jiggles or is it getting toner?

If it jiggles, it is losing elasticity. We all will go through that.

What are the factors that affect elasticity of spring?


When walls of alveoli deteriorate and lose their elasticity?


What Robert Hooke's law is?

Robert Hooke discovered the law of elasticity. The law is that the extension of the spring is equivalent to the force applied.

Examples of elastic materials?

Rubber Band and spring is an examples of elasticity materials

What changes in lung expansion with age?

The lungs lose elasticity so they expand less.

What are things that lose elasticity?

We would need to know what conditions you're referring to to respond to this question.

With which disorder do the alveolar walls lose their elasticity become over-inflated and eventually rupture?


What is the limit of proportionality?

limit of proportionality is the point where the spring expands in a non linear way / limit of elasticity is the point where the spring doesn't come back to it original shape

When a spring under stretch or compressionthe magnitude of the restoring force that restores into equilibrium position according to hooks law is proportional to?

The original length of the spring and the modulus of elasticity.