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When does assassins creed2 sHow is up on PC?

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Free up some space on your harddrive. If that doesn't work, consider investing in a graphics card.

Just plug your kindle to PC, it will show up as USB, just copy ur books to PC.

I Assume you me rob just walk up to someone and Press A for Xbox X for PS3 or whatever the button is that you use to sprint on PC.

no you cant but your assassins earn them from leveling up

You start off doing jobs for your dad (delivering letters and contacting people) then you start doing jobs for other people. Then you end up doing the dirty work for people. (killing). When half your family are executed, you plan to assassinate the people behind it. The bigger plot unfolds and your work gets dirtier.

sorry there is no way to to pick up a crossbow in assassins creed 1,2 or brotherhood

go into my computer , it will show what is connected to the computer. open from there

I'm guessing you mean the guys that show up as a 'lock' symbol on your map? You kill them and then loot their gold.

They show up as icons on the map as you play, you never really have to search for them. You can't find them right from the start, they have to be introduced to you after you do a certain amount of story missions. Their icons are the same symbol as the Assassin's Creed symbol.

An interview with someone who works on Assassins Creed: Revelations said They were going to wrap up Altair and Ezio but their will be a new game with Conner Kenway (Assassins Creed 3).

You need to 1of master assassins master missions...well beat all the assassins challeages then you will end up wit sword of altair

Do not get a bad egg. It glitches up your game. It may show up when you use gamesharks, you trade an egg, or even on pc(if you put the ordinary egg onto the pc)

You can't. You can't play split screen in any assassins creed.

If you have a flash drive that does not show up when it is plugged in, then it is likely fried.

You can move songs and photos from your PC to your ps3 by using a flash disk hardware and inserting it to your ps3's usb drive, then it show up on the screen then press "triangle" or maybe square i forgot then choose show items and there u have it :)

When ever they have too or choose too its up to them really unless you are talking about government assassins then they might have a time line to follow

Beat Mt. Battle Twice and go to Relgam tower beat it, Then Deoxeys will show up in your PC.

To sync the Samsung Rant to the PC, first go to the main menu. Then, go to tools, and then select Mass Storage (which should be number 6). Then, (assuming your Rant is already connected to the PC) click 'Connect to PC' which is the first option. It will connect to the PC, and the whole screen should be saying that it is connected to the PC. Then, the Rant will show up as a removeable drive on your PC. It is now synced with the PC to transfer files and such.

They do, I don't know how you set it up but mine works fine. I used media player, if you did the videos have to be in media player.

They were supposed to be up as of 11:59PM September 2nd.

To find the clipboard on PC, the user should go to the Microsoft Word, Click EDIT on top of the page, and then Click OFFICE CLIPBOARD. The clipboard will show up on the right side of the page.

yes its reated M for mature, 17 and up.

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