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Actually, I looked it up. It says on November 18, 2008. JSYK.

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When is bones season 3 released on DVD?

no kno

When will season 3 of tj hooker be on DVD?

When will they release T.J. Hooker Season 3 On DVD?

When will third watch season 3 be release on DVD?

There is no date as to when Third Watch season 3 will be released on DVD. Seasons 1 and 2 are both available on DVD.

The Boondocks season 3 DVD?

The 3rd season does not yet have a release date .

When is the DVD release date of Glee season 3?

glee season three available

When is release date for Leverage Season 3?

Season 3 comes out on DVD tomorrow , June 7 , 2011.

Heroes season 3 DVD release date?

October 12th

Will there be a DVD release of George Lopez season 3?

In time, yes.

When will criminal minds season 8 come out to DVD?

The release date for the Criminal Minds Season 8 DVD was September 3, 2013.

When is bones series 3 out on DVD?

season 5 came out already in 2010 plus 1-4

Will season 2 of Moral Orel be released on DVD?

As of right now there is no word on a season 2 or season 3 release on DVD. I hope they do because I am the kind of person that likes to own every season on DVD and not just a season here and a season there.

When will season 3 of brothers and sisters release on DVD?

September 1, 2009.

When is the release date for Merlin season 3 on DVD in the us?

There is , as of 4/3/2011 , no scheduled US release date .

Release date for supernatural season 3 on DVD in Canada?

September 2, 2008

When did Big Bang Theory Season 3 release on DVD?

September 14th 2010

When is the boardwalk empire season 3 DVD release date in the UK?

Autumn 2013

What date does the unit season 3 get released on DVD?

It looks like Oct. 14 2008.

When will Dexter season 3 be released on DVD in the US?

Season 3 will be released on DVD August 18th 2009

When will Dexter season 3 become available on DVD?

Season 3 will be released on DVD August 18th 2009

When is glee season 3 Coming out on DVD?

Season 3 of Glee is coming out August 14, 2012 on DVD.

When will sony release season 3 of the flying nun on DVD?

You'll have to ask Sony pictures.

When is the release date for True Blood season 3 DVD?

It is available on itunes! not sure of release date for dvd. Some articles say JUNE 2011 Season 2 of true blood came out mid-May 2010

When is the release date for sons of anarchy season 4 DVD in Australia?

The release date for the Sons of Anarchy season 4 DVD in Australia is May 3, 2014. There are currently seven seasons of the hit series Sons of Anarchy.

When will the office season 9 be on DVD?

Season 9 was released on DVD on September 3, 2013.

Foster's home for imaginary friends season 3 DVD release date?

Foster's season 3 release date is March 25, 2010! Stay tuned for any changes. I'm still waiting on the release date for season 4, and if season 5 will be released too.

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