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His father is found in the 5th book(Charlie Bone and the Hidden King). His father is atually Mr. Pilgrim. Here are some of the hints given in the book..... 1. Mr. Pilgrim plays the piano 2. Mr. Pilgrim kinda seems like he lost his mind like Lyell did too.

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Q: When does charlie bone find his father?
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Who is charlies father in the charlie bone series?

Charlie Bone's father is Lyell Bone.

In the children of the red king series does charlie find his father?

Read Charlie Bone And The Hidden King

Who is Amy bone in the book midnight for charlie bone?

Charlie's mom. She is supposedly a widow after Charlie's father disappeared.

Who was Charlie Bone thinking about at the end of midnight for Charlie Bone book. in the last sentence?

His father

What chapter does Charlie Bone finds his father?

It is the last Chapter in Charlie Bone and the hidden king

Is mr pilgrim related to Charlie Bone?

Yes he is. He is Charlie's father.

What are the main events of Charlie Bone and the castle of mirrors?

Charlie finds someone who he thinks is his father.

What will happen at the end of Charlie Bone book5?

Charlie will find out his father is Mr. Pilgrim. Manfred will attempt to stop him but gets mauled by the Flame Cats who turn into leopards.

What is the ending to midnight for Charlie Bone?

They have a party and everyone congradulates Charlie for bringing back Emma. But Charlie is distracted and thinking about his father.

Where can you find pictures of Charlie Bone Characters?


What are the names all the books in the Charlie Bone series?

(This is the US version and in numerical order) Midnight for Charlie Bone. Charlie Bone and the Time Twister. Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy. Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors. Charlie Bone and the Hidden King. Charlie Bone and the Beast. Charlie Bone and the Shadow. Charlie Bone and the Red Knight.

What are the names of all the Charlie Bone books?

1- Midnight for Charlie Bone 2-Charlie Bone and the Time Twister 3- Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy (Or Charlie bone and the Blue Boa) 4- Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors 5- Charlie Bone and the Hidden King 6- Charlie Bone and the Beast (Or Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf) 7- Charlie bone and the Shadow (Or Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock) 8- Charlie Bone and the Red Knight

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