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Starting at level 27 into Lanturn

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Q: When does chinchou evolve at in the soul silver?
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What level does chinchou evolve in soul silver?

it evloves at level 27

Where do you catch a chinchou in Pokemon Soul Silver?

New Bark town and Route 41

Where can you get corsla and chinchou in soul silver?

If you have the super rod you can find them by the water at route 34.

What does chinchou evolve into on sapphire Pokemon?

Chinchou will evolve to lanturn i think at level 36.

In soul silver what does dunsparce evolve to?

Dunsparce does not evolve.

Does hitmonlee in soul silver evolve?

no hitmonlee does not evolve

What does chinchou evolve into?

Chinchou evolves into Lanturn at lvl 27.

How do you evolve chinchou?

Chinchou evolves into Lanturn at lvl 27.

Does chinchou evolve?

Yup...chinchou evolves into lanturn at lvl27.

Does ledian evolve in soul silver?


How do you evolve gloom into bellosom in soul silver?

Evolve it with a sunstone

How does luvdisc evolve in soul silver?

Luvdisc does not evolve from, or into anything.

When does kadabra evolve in soul silver?

You have to trade it to make evolve

When does Psyduck evolve in soul silver?

it will evolve at lv. 33.

What level will sudowoodo evolve on soul silver?

It doesnot evolve

How do you evolve chinchou in HeartGold?

Chinchou evolves into Lanturn at level 27.

How do you evolve magneton in soul silver?

You can't evolve magneton in soul silver. You can only evolve it by trading it back to Diamond or Pearl and training it at Mt. Coronet.

How do you evolve nidorina in soul silver?

you get a moonstone

How do you evolve flaafy in soul silver?

It has to be lvl30.

How does haunter evolve in soul silver?

Trade it.

When will machoke evolve in soul silver?

you have to trade it.

How do you get a hypno in soul silver?

evolve drowzee!!

Where is umbreon in soul silver?

you have to evolve evee

Does noctowl evolve in Pokemon soul silver?


Does A rba evolve in soul silver?