When does fertilization occur?

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the fertilization occur when both male and female gametes are mature and ready to unite.

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Q: When does fertilization occur?
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When does fertilization in mitosis occur?

Fertilization does not occur in mitosis. Fertilization signals for the start of mitotic division in embryos.

Describe where pollination and fertilization occur?

Fertilization occurs in the ovule

What would happen if fertilization does not occur?

If fertilization does not occur, the egg will detach itself and pass through and you will get a normal period.

Where does the fertilization occur?

In the fallopian tube.

When and where does fertilization occur?

Fallopian Tubes

Where does fertilization occur in a human?


Where in the plant does fertilization occur?


Does fertilization occur in the ovarian follicle?

No. Fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube.

How does water aid the fertilization of some organisms?

Depending on the species, fertilization can occur internally or externally. Water aids the fertilization of some organisms because organisms that reproduce externally need water for fertilization to occur.

What happens if fertilization doesnt occur?

Not much.

Fertilization in mammals occur in the?

Fallopian tubes

When is not necessary for External fertilization to occur?

at school

Where in the body does fertilization occur?

the fallopian tubes

Where does fertilization occur in a flowering plant?


Menstruation does not occur if what happens?

Fertilization Occurs

Double fertilization occur in angiosperms or gymnosperms?


How does fertilization occur?

Fertilization occurs when a sperm cell and an ovum fuse, resulting in a fertilized egg.

What events that occur from the fertilization to the development of an embryo?


What changes occur after fertilization?

it will become a new flower

Does double fertilization occur in the Division Anthophyta?


Where in the body does fertilization usually occur?

The fallopian tube

How fertilization occur?

basta un ana un

Where does fertilization occur for a Mountain gorilla?

In ovi duct .

Where does fertilization of the egg by the sperm typically occur?


Where fertilization of human eggs usually occur?

Fertilization usually occurs in the outer third of the fallopian tube.