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When the ground water flow out of the earth surface as a form of spring.

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Q: When does ground water become surface water?
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When does surface water become ground water?

When the ground water flow out of the earth surface as a form of spring.

How long does it take surface water to become ground water?

it takes about 34 days

Is a river surface or ground water?

Ground water

What is the water that seeps through rocks and soil called?

ground water Groundwater is located beneath the soil surface. A sustainable amount of ground water creates an aquifer. The point at which the soil and rocks become completely saturated is the water table. Groundwater will flow to the surface naturally. The study of groundwater is hydrogeology.

Is New York's water ground water or surface water?

new York's water is neither ground water or surface water it is sky water

Is it surface water or underground water?

what is the upper surface of ground water

Ground water exists below the surface of the earth?

The answer is false. Ground water is water retained below earth's surface. BELOW THE SURFACE.

What is the water below the surface?

Ground water.

What do you call water that is absorbed into the ground?

Ground water, surface water, river water, etc.

What are two ways the ground water reaches Earth's surface?

Ground water is on or in the ground, it does not reach it.

Why is surface water more polluted than ground water?

In short, certain areas have radioactivity, which can contaminate ground water, even long after surface water has regenerated itself. Even floods, sink holes-all kinds of things, can cause water to become contaminated. Surface water can be contaminated easily, by farmers' chemicals, oil from vehicles, including watercraft. Anything that contaminates can get to surface water.

Which water source contains more inorganic material surface water or ground water?

Surface Water