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kagome DOESN'T die, and even if she did, i bet she'd just come back to life, i mean its REAL obvious.

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Who killed kagome?

no one kills kagome not that i think,but so far no ?

Should Inuyasha be with Kagome or Kikyo?

This is more of an opinion-based quetion, although InuYasha and Kagome seem to be centered as the official pairing. Kagome, in my opinion. Inuyasha's starting to get over Kikyo, even if he is bouncing back and forth. KAGOME KAGOME KAGOME KAGOME 4 me though....

Who does Kagome like?

Kagome likes Inuyasha.

Which episode does naraku grab kagome?

he doesnt grab kagome at all but naraku is after kagome eyes

Is kagome a fan favorite?

Yes Kagome is the audience fan favorite! Everyone loves kagome!

Does Inuyasha has feelings for kagome?

Yes he loves kagome but his first love is kikyo but I think he feels stronger toward kagome Because kagome is always on his side

Does Kagome love Inuyasha?

Kagome does love Inuyasha.

Is 'Kagome' a Japanese name?


Does Inuyasha choose Kikyou or Kagome?

He ends up with Kagome, but still Kikyou is a deep part of him. Just as Kagome.

Which episode is Kagome poisoned in?

kagome was poisoned in the episodes when the birds killed all the people and that princess was using all the blood to heal her mom you can find it on you tube ive watch it there if you have anymore questions about inuyasha my email address is

Why does Kagome rock so much?

kagome is basically the main character. also secretly inuyasha and kagome are in love (inuyasha is the main character which makes kagome pretty important).

Does sesshomaru kiss kagome?

No, because kagome is not in love with sesshomaru she is in love with seeshomaru's younger brother inuyasha. Sesshomaru does not even like kagome. Inuyasha LOVES kagome. You can just tell. Course not. Sesshomaru doesn't even like Kagome.

Did inuyasha and kagome have kids?

No, inuyasha and kagome never had kids

Who will win sakura or kagome?

Sakura would crush kagome

Who does inyoasha stay with kagome or kikyo?

i am not sure but i want him to be with kagome

What movie does Inuyasha and kagome hug?

in movie 2 after inuyasha and kagome kiss inuyasha hugs kagome it made me cry!

Does Inuyasha marries kikyo?

no, he chooses kagome. in the last chapter inuyasha and kagome had not seen eachother in three years, one day kagome back and soon inuyasha and kagome got married.

What is kagome last name?

kagome's last name is higurashi kagome higurashi kagome's last name is higurashi kagome higurashi

How many people kiss kagome in Inuyasha Who were they?

Kagome doesn't kiss anyone but Inuyasha. As for Inuyasha he has kissed both Kikyo and Kagome.

Do you like kikyou or kagome?

definently kagome unlike kikyou kagome isn't dead KIKYOU YOU SUCK GO TO HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = ) kikyo is a very pleasant person so is kagome (because they are the same person) but i like kikyo. kagome is just a stinkin copy of kikyo

What does the name kagome mean?

The name Kagome means lost in english.

What episode does naraku kidnap kagome?

Naraku doesnt kidnap kagome

Does sesshomaru ever kidnap kagome?

No, Sesshoumaru never kidnaps Kagome.

What episode does kagome sing in?

Kagome sings in chorus on episode 128.

What is the population of Kagome company?

Kagome - company -'s population is 2,007.