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Q: When does make it or break it come back on in the UK?
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Will Grimm come back?

If you are in the uk it is coming back on this month on the 25th. Don't know why they took a break but I will be glad to see it back on again enjoy!!

Can a Mauritian get married in UK without a visa?

unfortunately no you need to go back to mauritius and make all procedure to come back to UK

When does season 2 of make it or break it start in the UK?


When does glee come back in UK?

At the end of September

Will monsters vs aliens BOB's big break come out in the UK?

Yes it will

When is glee back on in the UK?

If "GLEE" went of the air in the UK, most likely they are making new episodes or they are just taking a little break. What they did is they just separated season 1 into two parts. Just wait a while and it will probably come back on!

When did hindusim come to the UK?

John Lennon brought it back with him.

If you are of Scottish descent but come from New Zealand can you come and go back to the UK?

Yes indeed

When does The Vampire Diaries come back to the UK?

october fifth on ITV2

When does Smallville the series come back to UK?

The series "Smallville" aired its final episode back in 2011. It most likely will not come back with an 11th Season.

When do one direction come back to the UK?

end of may 2012 :) <3

If your boyfriend is in prison once he has been deported is it possible for him to come back to the UK?

No its not

When does glee yes no air in the UK?

Yes but it hasn't come back yet

When does The Mentalist come back in UK 2011?

well, it comes back on the September 22nd in AMERICA so I'm guessing around that time for the UK !! xx

When is prison break starting back in the UK?

FOX recently cancelled Prison Break. therefore, you will have to be satisfied watching reruns of the series online, on TV, or on DVD.

How does Tourism make money for the UK?

Tourism supports a great part of the infrastructure of the Uk. we rely on great deal of people to come and visit the Uk which in turn circulates the money spent from tourist,back into communities. Just like any other country.

When does glee come back on in 2011 in the UK?

February 6, 2011, The "Super Bowl Episode"

When does ampire diaries come back on in 2011?

27th Jan in us and 1st Feb in the UK

When does the Kindle Fire come out in the UK?

It doesn't come out in the UK.

Where does spinach come from in the UK?

the uk

Where did Swine Flu break out?

Mexico! Someone went on holiday there and brought the disease back to the UK! All of the Mexican pigs had to be slaughtered.

From what country have the boys come from lord of the flies?

To make it short and sweet the boys were from the UK.

The distance from UK to Denmark?

you need specific cities for this to work. post the cities after me as an answer, and I will come back and tell you.

When does glee come back in the UK 2012?

Glee returns to Sky 1 on March 1st 2012.

What happens when my Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa in the UK expires - exiting then returning to the UK as a tourist?

More info: When my visa runs out will I have to go back to my home country (Australia) or can I just go somewhere out of the UK, even just to somewhere in Europe, and come back as a tourist straight after it expires? I only want to come back for say a month and have no intention of working.