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One needs a wireless network extender when one decides to go to an area where their home phone or internet service is unable to be used. For instance, if one were to go outside and walk around, one would be able to do so if they had a wireless network extender.

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Q: When does one need wireless extenders for a network?
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How can you connect 2 displays wireless from about seventy feet away from a computer?

There are a number of wireless HDMI extenders available and these can be used to send a DVI signal from one point to another. There are fewer wireless VGA extenders but they can be found. Beware of cheap wireless systems. Seventy feet is a considerable distance to cover and the low cost wireless extenders may prove noisy or unreliable. If a computer can be attached to each display, then a wireless network can be used to replicate the image from a master computer. Wireless networks are often more reliable than low cost video senders but they will need more set up than video senders.

How do you get a computer that has a wired internet connection wireless?

You need to change the network card in your computer with a wireless one, and buy a wireless router. Need 2 items: wireless router wireless network card

What is a wireless range extender for?

A wireless range extender increases the range that your whan signal works There are several types of range extenders available so choose the one you need. I hope this helps.

If my neighbor has a wireless router and i don't have one can I still use the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter?

Yes you can try to use his/her wireless network , but you need to make sure he can offer you the network for using, such like the wirelesss network password,and make sure his wirelss network is power on. Thanks. And you need to buy a xbox 360 wireless adapter ,

How do you make your PC work with a wireless network?

You need a wireless network adapter.USB devices are the easiest to install and they won't take up one of your expansion slots.

Will I need to buy a network card in addition to a wireless router?

If your computer soes not have a network card installed you will need tp purchase one.

How do you put security on a dlink wireless router?

Check the wireless network properties, one of settings is security for wireless networks. If you want a definite answer you need to show your router's model.

What does a printer need to print on a wireless network?

If it doesn't own wireless interface you have to connect to one of compurers (don't forget to share the printer it its properties, you might need to adjust security politics too) which uses the wireless network where are going to share the printer. If it has (some new printers have) you need to configure the printer.

How do you make my PC wireless?

If you mean a wireless network connection - you should buy a WiFi adapter (USB or PCI or PCI-e), install it in your computer and then set-up a new network connection. If you mean wireless as no-cable-power - there is a problem. Desktop computer uses much more power than laptop and no battery can power it for a time longer than few minutes.

What is an ssid for a psp in Belize in cayo district?

The SSID is the name of your own wireless network, that's the one you should use - if you don't have one, you'll need to get a wireless router.

How can you find your wireless network name to set up a home wireless network?

One can use any name they would like. It helps to come up with a name that is easy to remember, as they will need the name to sign into it when connecting to the internet.

What is a wireless repeater?

Very simple - most people who require a wireless repeater are those who need to extend their wireless network. This means a repeater would take the original signal from the network and repeat it, which extends this network. This is one of the ways which people are using to get around putting wires around their home or office.