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The word 'voi' is the familiar subject pronoun for 'you' when referring to more than one person, so voi or it's conjugated verb equivalent should only be used when talking to a group of people that you know well or are at least on first name terms with.

Just to clarify what i mean by conjugated verb equivalent: In the present tense it is the ending of a conjugated verb that ends in 'ate' (for 'are' verbs), 'ete' (for ere verbs) and 'ite' (for ire verbs)

Infinitive Voi conjugation (present tense)

fare fate

andare andate

finire finite

capire capite

scegliere scegliete

tenere tenete

However the subject pronoun in this case 'voi' can be used to add emphasis to a sentence as well i.e. 'aiutatemi voi' (help me), or 'parlatemi di voi' (tell me about yourselves).

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Q: When does one use the word 'voi' in Italian?
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What is the Italian word for the word you?

Familiar: tu, polite: lei, plural: voi

Hello you in Italian?

"Ciao voi" is "Hello You" in Italian.

What is 'un bacio per voi' when translated from Italian to English?

Un bacio per voi in Italian means "a (one) kiss for you" in English.

What is 'Voi siete' when translated from Italian to English?

"You all" is an English equivalent of the Italian word voi. The second person informal plural pronoun in question may be found employed in local or regional Italian as an admiring, respectful form for the singular "you." The pronunciation will be "voy" in Italian.

What is the plural form of you in Italian?

The plural form of "you" in Italian is "voi".

What is sto pensado voi?

"Sto pensaNdo A voi" (the capitals are missing letters) is not French but Italian, and means "I'm thinking of you" - 'you' in the 'voi' form referring normally to more than one person.

What is 'E voi come state' when translated from Italian to English?

E voi, come state? in Italian means "And how are you all?" in English.

What is the English translation of the Italian 'voi'?

"You all" is an English equivalent of the Italian word voi.Specifically, the personal pronoun voi is in the second person plural. It is the informal form of "you all." The pronunciation is "voy."**The sound is similar to that in the English noun "toy."

What does voi jeans stand for?

This is the real meaning of 'VOI' Italian | Plural | InformalMeaning You.example."Engineered For You" VOI is from the Italian plural for "You" meaning a group of people. It forms part of the brands TradeMark "Engineered for You".

What is princesses in Italian?

Voglio strofinare voi

Does 'Voi in Voi' translate from Italian to English as 'Voice of Islam'?

No, "Voice of Islam" is not what the Italian marketing phrase Voi in Voi stands for. the first first person plural pronoun, preposition, and first person plural pronoun instead translate as "You in Voi (jeans)" regarding the name brand of a jeans company located in the United Kingdom. The pronunciation will be "voy een voy" in Italian.

What is 'Bello sentire da voi' when translated from Italian to English?

Bello sentire da voi! in Italian means "Nice to hear from you all!" in English.