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Q: When does the movie black mamba come out?
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Where did the black mamba come from?

they live in Africa

Can a black mamba kill a green mamba?

A black mamba

Is the black mamba a movie?

yes there is a movie called black manba look it up on IMDB the website

What is deadlier-- black mamba or green mamba?

Definitely black mamba yes

Is the black mamba endangered?

The black mamba is not endangered

What snake can beat a black mamba?

Another black mamba.

Which is more poisonous the black or the green mamba?

The Black Mamba

What is Deadlier a Black Mamba or Taipan Snake?

black mamba

Who is the black mamba?

a black mamba is a type of snake, its about 14 feet

Which is more poisonous a black mamba or a scorpion?

A Black Mamba of course.

Does Kobe Bryant prefer Black Mamba or KB24?

black mamba

Do a black mamba live in India?

No, the Black Mamba lives in Africa.

What is stronger a eastern brown snake or a black mamba?

the black mamba

Is the black mamba larger than the king cobra?

black mamba

Where do cobras and black mamba come from?

Black Mambas are native to Africa and Cobras are native to South Asia.

What does the black mamba eats?

the black mamba eats small mammals and birds

What snake is more dangerous a rattle snake or a black mamba?

black mamba

Does the black mamba hibernate?

No. The black mamba lives in the tropics. There is no need to hibernate.

What is the scientific class of a black mamba?

The black mamba is classified as Dendroaspis polylepis.

What is the status of the black mamba?

The conservation status of the Black Mamba is 'Least Concern'.

What is the name of food name of black mamba?

Black Mamba is a diet pill.

When was Black Mamba - comics - created?

Black Mamba - comics - was created in 1980.

When was Black Mamba Boy created?

Black Mamba Boy was created in 2010.

Is a black mamba a herbivore carnivore or a omnivore?


Is green mamba poisonous?

Not poisonous, but the Green Mamba is HIGHLY VENOMOUS, just like its cousin the Black Mamba. (The Black Mamba is even more venomous than the Green Mamba).