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When the line from the light source to the surface on which

the shadow falls is perpendicular to that surface.

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Q: When does the shadow of an object short?
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What makes shadow thin or fat?

The size of the object casting the shadow..? Thin object = thin shadow Fat object = fat shadow

How does the size of shadows change with the change in the distance of the source of light?

The relationship between the size of a shadow of an object and the distance of light source from the object is indirectly proportional. A short distance will make the shadow big while making the distance long will reduce the size of the shadow.

Can an object not have a shadow?

NO.all object should have shadow because light is almost everywhere.

Is translucent object casts a shadow?

The shadow is grey but not complete black as that of opaque object.

What is the length of your shadow at midday?

[object Object]

How does the sun create a shadow?

The Sun does not create a shadow. The Sun is a source of light, the shadow is created when some object interrupts the path of that light. The shadow is therefore created by that object, not the Sun.

What happens to a shadow when the object is moved?

the shadow moves with it.

Does an luminous object cast a shadow?

A luminous object can indeed cast a shadow when there is an even brighter luminous object shining on it.

Why can't we see shadow of bird flying up in the sky?

Shadow's only stretch so far, the smaller the object the shorter the distance. For a bird the shadow would only reach a very short distance

Is it possible to make an object without shadow?

no its not. since when light falls on the (object) it will create a shadow.

Are there shadow in space?

There are shadows in space... There are shadows in space because when an object block another object from the light of stars near the object and the shadow hit the object behind it then a shadow is made!! By Joshua Aguiza

what causes shadow length?

The length of an object's shadow is determined by ... -- the length of the object, -- the angle between the object's length and the surface on which its shadow appears, -- the distance between the object and the surface on which its shadow appears, -- the angular size of the light source as seen from the object, -- the angle between the direction to the light source and the normal to the object.

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