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When does the vice president vote?

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In the United States, the Vice President who presides over the senate, votes there in order to break a tie in the voting. This is very rare.

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Can I vote for a republican president and a democratic vice-president?

No. The way our voting is set up, a vote for a republican president isautomatically a vote for the republican vice-president. To think of it in another way, we don't even vote for vice-president. We only vote for president and that candidate's choice for vice-president automatically becomes vice-president if that candidate wins the presidential election.

When does the formal election of the vice president take place?

there really is no election for vice president. if you vote for a president, you vote for the vice president that is running with him or her.

Can you vote a Republican for president and a Democrat for vice president?

no- You vote for a president/vice-president team. You can not split them up.

Can the vice president vote?

The Vice President may only vote to break a tie.

Who chooses the president and vice president?

We the ppl.We vote on who should be president of the U.S. And as for the vice presidents I think the president that we vote on decides who would be the vice president.

Can you vote once for president and once for vice president?

no. the vice president is chosen by the presedential nominee, whom you vote for.

What does the vice president of the US have to do with congress?

The Vice President of the US is also the President of the Senate. He does not normally vote, but can break a tie vote.

What does the vice president serve?

The Vice President serves the people and the President. When necessary he may vote in the Senate to break a tie vote.

Can the vice president vote for president?

Yes, he can and does.

When does a vice president vote?

The vice-president presides of the US Senate and is allowed to vote if there is a tie vote there. He is also a citizen and can vote in his home town or by absentee ballot .

Who is the president of the senate and when can that person vote?

That is the Vice President of the US. They only vote when there is a tie vote.

What is the power the vice president has in the Senate?

the vote of the vice president will break a tie

How does the vice president assist with law passing?

The vice President- Should be the president of the senate, but there should be no vote, unless the vote should be divided equally between both the senate and the vice president.

What does the Constitution make the vice president the president of?

The Constitution states that the vice-president shall serve as president of the US Senate. The vice-president has no vote in Senate matters unless there is a tie vote, in which case, the vice-president casts the deciding vote. See Article I, Section 3, Clause 4 of the US Constitution.

What the Vice President's significance to the Sentate?

The Vice President is the President of the Senate, although he is allowed to vote only in the case of a tie vote.

Who casts the deciding vote when there is a tie vote in the Senate?

The Vice-President, who is President of the Senate, can vote to break a tie vote.

Why did the House of Representatives decide the election of 1800?

The electorate at that time could vote for both the president and vice president separately, and the vote did not distinguish whether it was for president or vice president. Both Jefferson and Burr got a majority of votes, so the house had to vote to decide who was president and who was vice president.

What branch is the vice president president of?

The VP is the president of the US Senate. He can vote only if there is a tie vote.

Who become president in chase the president or vice president should die?

if the president dies the vice president will take his place if the vice president dies they will vote again

When can the president of the senate vote?

The president of the Senate, who is also the vice president of the United states, can vote only in the case of a tie vote.

When can the vice president vote?

If youโ€™re referring to voting during an election, the Vice President of the United States can vote whenever anybody else can. They can vote early or they vote on Election Day. If youโ€™re referring to voting in Congress, the Vice President can only vote when a tie has occurred in the Senate, and their vote is needed to break the tie.

Representatives with power to vote for president or vice-president?


When can the Vice-President vote on a bill?

The vice-president chairs the US and as such can vote if there is a tie vote-- otherwise he is not allowed to vote. There actually have some occasions when the VP's vote decided fairly important legislation.

What power does the Vice President have in the Senate?

The only duty the Vice President has in the Senate is to be the "Tiebreaker" of the vote.

What phrase to you on poster for 5th grade vice president?

Vote (child's name) for vice-president