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Volume 22 comes out Mar 17 2009.

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Q: When does volume 22 of Fruits Basket come out in English?
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Whenwill fruits basket volume 17 come out?

Volume 17 of the Fruits Basket series is already out.

When does Fruits Basket 23 come out in English?

Volume 23 will be released in the states July 6, 2009.

When does volume 18 of Fruits Basket come out?

Volume 18 of Fruits Basket came out in November 2007 and has kazuma sohma on the front cover. Volume 19 is due to come out in march 2008 and will have Kakeru Manabe on the cover.

When will the 20th fruits basket book come out in English first?

The 20th manga volume is already out in English. It's already out in stores in The United States

When does Fruits Basket 27 come out?

Sorry there is no Fruits Basket 27. The manga goes up to volume 23 and the anime goes to episode 26.

When is Fruits Basket volume 23 coming out?

vol. 23 has already come out. it came out in July 2009.

When does fruits basket 22 come out?

All of the volumes from the Fruits Basket series are out, and should be at your local bookstore.

When did fruits basket first come out?


When does volume 23 of Fruits basket come out in English?

July 6th 2009! Can't wait!! ;P If you look on google, you can probably read it online now. It might be translated from Japan. Maybe, I'm not positive.

When will Fruits Basket episode 27 English dubbed come out?

The series ended. I know it sucks. But the people won't make anymore.

When does fruits basket 23 come out?

July 20, 2009

What episode of fruits basket did ritsu come?

Episode 23

When is fruits basket 2 coming out?

it hasn't come out yet :"( i don't think it will come out

Will fruits basket ultimate edition come in hardback?

Yes, they are in hardback.

When will volume 23 of fruits basket will come?

It should be here in a year or so, since they are done in Japan, and books come out every four months or so. in July 2009 It is supposed to come out on July 9, 2009 according to amazon. you can try link below to see my source: (you might have to copy and paste it)

How many episodes are in fruits basket?

26 But in the anime, it only goes up to Fruits Basket manga volume 6, though some more zodiac members (like Ritsu and Haru) come throughout volume 8, but they put it in before the end of the anime. The manga is a whole lot better, and theres 23 volumes. But the first volume contains everything from the first three episodes. Read it if you haven't yet!!! (and start from volume 1)

What episode of fruits basket does momiji come in?

Episode 7 - A Plum On The Back :)

When does season 2 of fruits basket come out?

There will be no season 2 of fruits basket and they're not making one. that's why I read the manga which was 100% better :D especially the last ones

What fruits typically come in a fruit basket?

The fruits that typically comes in a fruit basket are grapes, oranges, apples, bananas, pears, peaches, plums, necatarines, strawberries and there are many others.

When will Fruits Basket Hollywood live-action movie come out?

maybe around 2011 or 2012

What channel does fruit basket come on?

Fruits Basket doesn't come on tv anymore, they canceled it, but it used to be on the Funimation channel. Funimation is 262 for Verizon Fios, but its different for other companies. You can watch it English dubbed in parts on youtube, or buy it on itunes :) (also, the manga is a WHOLE lot better, so you should read that:) )

What chapter does kyo lose his beads in fruits basket?

Chapters 32-33 are when Kyo's beads come off.

Where on the internet can you read fruits basket?

Try Mangafox. DO NOT go to AnimeA DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!! They put fake words in. While I was waiting for Fruits Basket volume 23 to come in from the library, I went there, and read it, and they put fake words in!!!! Their own words! And when I got the book, I read it, and that's when I realized was WRONG! If doesn't work, don't use animea, just go to the library instead.

When does machi come out in fruits basket?

I belive she comes in at the end of vol. 7 sorry if its wrong I'm not so sure.

When exactly does fruits basket 19 come out?

You probably know this by now, but a long time ago. It came out a very long time ago.