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It could be a tendon problem (not enough exercise) and possibly a lack of calcium in your diet. See your doctor and perhaps you can see a physio therapist to help with this. I had the problem that when I was driving, I had paind in my right knee. for few years I tried the orthoped but without success. Finally I found out that my leg was not straight while I was driving. this had put stress on my knee and caused the pains. when I started so sit straight with my leg, the pains dissapeared. try and tell me. Shimon,

2008-11-17 21:28:45
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What should you do about severe pain in your ankle?

If you have severe pain in your ankle, see your doctor, or a hospital. You may need an X-ray of your ankle.

What effect will torn ligaments have on the ankle bones?

A torn ligament will effect the ankle bones negatively. An ankle bone that has its ligament torn would be considered a severe ankle sprain.

Why do your feet at the ankle ache severe?

too much salt

What is first aid for strain?

You want to release pressure on the area immediately If it is on the ankle, you can tie an ankle bandage. If it is severe, see a doctor.

How do you get a grade 1 sprained ankle?

severe twisting, causing swelling, discoloration

Do you need surgery for your ankle since its severely sprained?

Depends how severe the sprained ankle is. If ligaments are torn and joint unstable it may require surgery

Describe the directional relationship between the jaw and ankle?

jaw is superior to the ankle. ankle is inferior to the jaw

What part of the body is the ankle in?

The ankle is the joint between the foot and the lower leg.

What causes severe pain swelling of both feet and ankles loss of both arches and discoloration of the skin dark and blotchy on tops of feet Can no longer bend or rotate either ankle or walk normally?

The severe swelling and loss of arches could be the symptoms of ankle damage to diabetes or a broken ankle. It is best to see a doctor about this.

How can you tell the difference between a sprained and twisted ankle?

There is no difference. A sprained ankle can also be known as an ankle sprain, twisted ankle, rolled ankle, ankle ligament injury, or ankle injury. It's when one or more ligaments are torn or partially torn where they are connected to your ankle bone.

What happens when you soak a sprained ankle in hot water?

Your ankle will burn momentarily, you should use ice not water. especially not hot water

What is the knee to ankle bone?

There are two bones between the knee and the ankle, the tibia and the fibula.

What is the difference between a broken ankle and you sprained ankle?

One you break a bone the other you dont.

Do doctors give you a cast if you sprain you ankle?

Typically doctors will provide an ankle sprain patient with a splint or cohesive wrap, but in some more severe cases a cast could be applied, but not typically.

What a doctor will do to set the bone in place on a sprained ankle?

If a sprained ankle is so severe that the bone is not held in place, the health care provider may use casting or surgery to stabilize the joint.

The between tube and ankle socks?

Ankle socks are shorter than tube socks and more fitted.

Where is the metatarsal located?

between your ankle and your toes

What is the difference between a twisted ankle and a broken ankle?

A twisted ankle would be sore and swell. A broken ankle would swell and you would not be able to walk on it. A broken ankle is much more serious than a twisted ankle. With a twisted ankle it means you have stretched or torn the ligaments in the ankle and that would take about 4-6 weeks to heal. A broken ankle means the bone in the ankle is broken and that would take months to heal completely.

Why do some people need an ankle brachial index?

Information provided states that an ankle brachial index would be needed it a doctor suspects that there may be artery disease. The levels that appear in the results will clarify how severe the problem is with a high count meaning no blockage but a low count meaning severe blockage.

What do you call skirts not quite to the ankle?

Tea length skirts, the length between ankle length and knee length.

Why do i have severe Pain in ankle after knee surgery TTT could ankle have been damaged?

When a person has surgery, they have to give themselves plenty of time to heal. The healing process is different in each person. If you are still experiencing pain in you ankle after knee surgery, you should consult your doctor.

What is the name of the foot part on the top between toes and ankle?

The part of foot between toes & the ankle is called as 'Dorsum foot (arch of foot )' . If you seeking about the bone between the ankle & the the highest point of foot (from where the Tibia starts ) then it's 'Talus' which also articulates with 'Calcaneum' [this bone forms ankle joint [its a hinge joint)]. Hope this will help :)

What is the joint called between the hip and ankle?


Does Ankle Weights Make You Run Faster?

yes they do as they make your ankle muscles bigger in size and they can then help you run faster with more weight!!! Especially with DARREN(160 tonnes) on your back !!!! loooool!! yes they do as they make your ankle muscles bigger in size and they can then help you run faster with more weight!!! Especially with DARREN(160 tonnes) on your back !!!! loooool!!

Where in the feet can you find the metatarsals?

The metatarsals are technically the foot bones just beyond the ankle. They are between your ankle bones and the toes.