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The powered tires. On a front wheel drive car, the front wheels. On rear wheel drive, the rear wheels.

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Q: When driving in snow you should always put the chains on which tires?
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Can you put chains on a Ford Escape?

Yes, you can put chains on anything with tires. Make sure the chains fit the tires, loose chains with damage your car.

How do I install tire chains? has an article on how to install chains on your tires. also has an article on how to properly install chains on your tires as well.

Where can someone buy atv tire chains?

Tire chains are devices fitted to the tires of vehicles to provide maximum traction when driving through snow or ice. You can buy tire chains at any good motor store or mechanic.

In twilight what did charlie get Bella for her truck new tires or chains for her tires?

i think it is those snow chains that dont let you slip on the ice ***In the MOVIE Charlie gets her new tires, however in the BOOK charlie puts the chains on her tires...

Can you put snow chains on a Ford Focus?

Any car that has tires can have snow chains put on those tires.

Does Tire pressure increases as the tires get hot?

When you drive, your tires get warmer, causing the air pressure within them to increase. Your tires can get warm after just 1 mile of driving. you should always check your tire inflation pressure when your tires are cold, and inflate them to the recommended pressure at that time.

When driving on wet roadway you should remember?

To always make sure your tires are not flat and/or worn down. Watch for other people on the road who may hit you.

Which tires do you put chains on for a Honda CR-V 2002?

The primary drive wheels are the front wheels - therefore, those are the wheels that should have the chains placed on them.

Do tire chains go on front or rear of Chevy Tahoe?

If you are driving in 4 wheel drive, put them on the front tires. If you are driving in 2wd ordon'thave 4 wheel drive, put them on the back.

How fast should you drive with chains on your tires?

Its important to know that you need the correct size chains for your tires. If they are properly adjusted well fitted chains. You should be able to travel up to 40mph depending on road conditions. Keep in mind the average speed you drive with chains is consistent with how long they will last. I tend to keep it under 30mph. As a general guideline, 30mph on properly tightened and adjusted chains should be max. If the conditions are bad enough to warrant the use of chains you should anticipate a slow rate of travel and not be in a hurry or try to 'push' the boundaries of what is safe or prudent. This is true for 'cables' as well as 'chains'

How much safer are snow tire chains than regular winter tires?

"Snow tires with chains are much safer than regular winter tires if you live in an area with heavy winter snowfall. Snow tires with chains will help you to travel along roads that have not yet been plowed, where regular tires would probably get buried."

What automotive tires should I buy for off-road driving?

For off road driving you should look for tires designed to be used off road such as those made buy BF Goodrich. For light off road driving tires with a LT designation would be best suited as they can be driven both on and off road.