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Q: When engineers consider the forces that can act on a structure they must think about all parts of the structureS. describe three different places on a bridge that would experience different forces?
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Define homologous structures?

homologous structures is same structure,different function

What is the difference between redundant and nonredundant structures?

A redundant structure has more structure than is absolutely necessary. This means that, if some part of the structure is damaged or removed, the structure will not necessarily fail or collapse, as another part can bear the load of the damaged or missing piece. A non redundant structure is dependent on every piece of the structure.

What does a structural engineer use to evaluate a foundation?

Everybody is different, but I've found that the GOOD guys, use their eyes and their brains. When it comes to things like that, nothing is better than experience and good old know how. Of course things change with buildings, from one family houses to office buildings... It will depend on the complaint made by the structures owner. A structural engineer has many tools at his disposal including his "eye", his experience, a hydro level, a laser level, a transit and a plumb bob. He will ask many questions to him self and the owner of the structure, such as, "when did you first notice...?", "what issues are you having with ...?", "how is the structure moving?" and "why is the structure moving?". A structural engineers solutions will be as varied as his questions; Is piering the solution?, is drainage the problem?, is there a problem? or does a crack need repaired?

What is structure in oops?

Structures can be defined as a tool for handling a group of logically related data items. They are user-defined and provide a method for packing together data of different types. Structure Student 'declaring a structure named Student Dim StudentId As Integer Dim StudentName As String 'declaring two fields of different data types in the structure End Structure Best Regards Nikhil Soni

What does non-manualized structure mean?

what does it meen Non-Manualized Structures

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What is the structure of urea oxalate?

Different structures in the different books

What are structures that have different functions in different species but develop from the same embryonic tissue?

Homologous structures

Write about different network structures in use?

different network structures in use? is a network structure it is gu

What is structure analysis?

Structural analysis involves studying the behavior and performance of physical structures under various loads and conditions. It includes analyzing the strength, stability, and deformations of different components, such as beams, columns, and frames. This analysis helps engineers determine if a structure is structurally sound and capable of withstanding the forces it may experience during its service life.

Distinguish between homologous structures and analogous structures?

Homologous structures have the internal structure, but different functions. For example the human arm, horse foreleg, bird wing, and whale flipper have similar internal skeletal structure, but different external structure because of their different functions. Analogous structures have similar external structure because of similar functions, but dissimilar internal structure. An example of analogous structures would be the wings of an insect and a bird.

Can you draw different structures for C2H3Cl?

No, it has only one possible structure. That structure is CH2= CHCl .

What is the name of structure?

There are many different names for many different types of art structures. Art structures include sculptures, statues, and different types of paintings.

What is the name of this structure?

There are many different names for many different types of art structures. Art structures include sculptures, statues, and different types of paintings.

What solid structure do salts form?

Salts have different crystalline structures.

What are analogous structures?

Analogous structures are features of two different species that are similar in how the function, but the structure of the two features is different. The wings of an insect and the wings of a bird are analogous structures.

What is homologous structures?

A structure with similar shape but a different use

Why is secondary called secondary?

Proteins *have* primary, secondary, tertiary, and quarternary structures. The primary structure is simply the chain of amino acids without any other structure. Secondary structure results from folding of the chain to form rudimentary structures such as alpha helices, beta sheets and turns. Tertiary structure results from the further folding of the protein with secondary structures into different 3D shapes by interactions between different parts of the secondary structure. Quarternary structure results from different proteins with tertiary structures coming together to form a protein complex.