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No a passport is not required when flying domestic between Canadian cities.


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To get accross the border to travel to Seattle from Canada, a passport would be needed. Traveling via plane to Arizona would also require a passport, since the person traveling is a Canadian citizen.

No, domestic travels inside the US do not require you to show a valid passport. Any piece of photo ID is accepted. Updating with more current information. Yes you now need a Canadian passport to travel to the US.

Yes. A Canadian citizen requires a passport or enhanced drivers license (ON, MB, BC, QU only) to cross the American border.If you are the citizen of a nation besides Canada, you require a visa obtained from an American embassy and a passport to cross the American border.

Starting June 2009, all Canadian citizens require a valid passport to visit the US.

As of June 1st, 2009, Canadian Citizens require either a valid passport or enhanced driver's license to cross into the USA at a land border.

All people entering the United States from another country need a passport. There might be no need for a visa but they do need a passport.

You require a valid Passport to cross the Canadian border.

US citizens require a valid passport to travel to Canada. They do not need a visa.

not if you are a UK citizen - but some airlines require everyone to have a passport for travel purposes

Yes you do require a passport but dont require a visa if you are a US Citizen and are panning to stay in NZ for less than three months.

you do not need a passport if you are an Irish or UK citizen but your airline or ferry company may require you to carry a passport and you should check with them beforehand

Gibraltar is British territory so you you would not need a passport if you are a British citizen. However if you carrier has any connections elsewhere they may require a passport for boarding.

Crossing the Canadian border would require a driver's license and passport.

Canadians traveling to the nation of Cuba are required to have a passport to enter the island nation. Also, the passport must have at least one year of validity remaining.

An Indian citizen does not need any visa or even passport to travel in Nepal.

No, Nepalese citizens require a visa to visit Bermuda.

The Canadian government does not requires US residants to present a passport when entering Canada and the US government does not require a passport for its residants when returning to the US. However, the US government does now require passports for Canadians entering the US but they are not required by the Canadian government on the return trip.

The question is a little ambiguous. You don't need a passport to enter the city of Niagara Falls, New York from the US side. Canadian law does not technically require that US citizens have a passport to enter the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario from the US side. However, in practice, they won't allow you across the border without one, because US law DOES require you to have one to get BACK into the US, and stopping you before you leave the US saves you from the hassle of being essentially stuck in Canada. If you're a Canadian citizen wanting to travel FROM Canada TO the US at Niagara Falls, then you need a Canadian passport. You don't need one, obviously, if you intend to stay on the Canadian side of the border. For the most part, no one is allowed to enter the falls themselves for safety reasons, passport or not.

Yes, Canadian passport holders can enter any country in the world. For some of them, you need a visa to. However, most European countries do not require Canadians to have a visa for visits up to 3 months.

There are none. In order to enter international waters, a U.S. citizen must hold a passport. This includes travel to Hawaii.

No. You only need to use a passport if you are traveling overseas. This doesn't mean that it's free to travel from state to state.

The answer depends on where you are coming from. If you are a United States citizen, located in the US, and will not be transiting through a foreign country (an example is driving from Alaska, through Canada, to the lower 48 states) then you will not need a passport. In the Alaska example, flying from Alaska direct to a point in the "lower 48" will not require a passport. If you are a citizen of another country, the answer is likely "yes", and could require you to have an American visa if your stay is over 90 days in country. Go to for more information.

Not yet. But things will change in the spring of 2009.

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