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very high temperature is needed to combine hydrogen and oxygen.

at that temperature, water exists in gaseous form

Oxygen exists as a gas in our atmosphere, because there isn't very much hydrogen in the atmosphere. If the Earth's atmosphere contained a substantial amount of hydrogen mixed with the oxygen, it would be an explosive mixture. Any spark would set it off. They the oxygen and hydrogen would combine to form water, and we would be left without enough oxygen to breathe.


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Hydrogen sulphide explodes when it is mixed with oxygen.

oxygen can be mixed with hydrogen and then your compound will be water.

Yes it is because it has hydrogen and helium, with a little methane mixed in.

The pop you hears is a result of the hydrogen reaction with oxygen. When it is mixed with air, all of the hydrogen is readily in contact with oxygen, and the reaction can proceed much more rapidly.

When gaseous hydrogen and gaseous chlorine are mixed each other, they react vigorously to form hydrogen chloride (HCl). The only way to separate elements from the gas HCl is electrolysis where chlorine is discharged at cathode and the other at anode.

Yes. Explosive when mixed with oxygen or fluorine and even chlorine gas. Hydrogen is flammable. It burns in air or oxygen.

A gaseous solution is when two or more gases are mixed together and become uniformly intermingled.The atmosphere is a gaseous solution. It consists of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, water, methane, and some other minor components.A gaseous solution is two gases that are mixed together and become uniformly intermingles. An example of a gaseous solution is the atmosphere.

Yes! If pure hydrogen is mixed or put with oxygen it is very likely that an explosion will occur. I hope this information helped!! Jordannn

No you have a mixture of hydrogen molecules (H2) and oxygen molecules (O2) that remain separate from one another. In water the hydrogen and oxygen aren't just mixed. They are chemically bonded together into H2O molecules.

In electrolysis, oxygen and hydrogen gas are produced at different electrodes (oxygen at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode). Since these electrodes do not have to be in close proximity, the hydrogen and oxygen will bubble upwards into separate collection vessels. If you needed to separate hydrogen and oxygen once mixed, the easiest way I can think of would be to cool the mixture to ~60K. At this point the oxygen would condense and leave hydrogen gas.

A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen means that the two gasses would be mixed together, but remain chemically distinct from one another and retain their own properties. You would still have separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules. In a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, water, the two elements are chemically combined to form a new substance with its own set of properties.

Mixtures are just that... things mixed together and not joined. A compound is joined together chemically and cannot be split too easily.

no it is a compound because it is mixed with sodium , carbon , hydrogen , oxygen ,etc.

It is a chemical reaction that forms water. H2O is water, it means that for every 2 hydrogen atoms, there is 1 oxygen atom.

Nitrogen and hydrogen are both gases. Nitrogen is inert that is you cant get a fire going with it, however hydrogen is very explosive when mixed with oxygen, another gas and lit,

When multiple gases are combined and become uniformly mixed a gaseous solution is formed. An example of a gaseous solution is the atmosphere.

No one obtains hydrogen by separating it from air. There's not enough hydrogen present in air for that to be a viable source. However, it's possible to mix oxygen and hydrogen, yes. It forms a flammable (and explosive, if you get the proportions just right) mixture of gases.

you will have bubbles,water is made up of oxygen, H2O----1part hydrogen 2 part oxygen - uh actually if you break down the chemical formula of water - H20 you will see that it is made up of 2 hydrogen and one oxygen not 1 hydrogen and two oxygen if it were it would look like this H02 doesnt look right does it!! Water is and always will be made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen!

No, vinegar is actually a solution. It's acetic acid, which is a compound, mixed with water, another compound. Acetic acid consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.

No, hydrogen would be released from sulphuric acid. Magnesium + Sulfuric Acid --> Magnesium Sulphate + Hydrogen

HCl can be split into hydrogen and chlorine by subjecting it to electrolysis. If it is in an aqueous solution, you will get the chlorine mixed with oxygen.

There are many. Like water I guess because that is mixed with hydrogen and oxygen.

When two oxygen and one hydrogen is mixed together, it forms water, or H2O. NASA uses a combination of hydrogen and oxygen in their fuel tanks to ensure lift-off so it produces a large amount of energy in the right proportions as the reaction is very exothermic. If you mix hydrogen gas and oxygen gas they don't react at all unless you heat them.

It matters how much you have mixed together. say you add 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom, you will get water. but H2CO3is an acid.

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