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Hydrogen and oxygen are the reactants and water is the product.

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Q: When hydrogen and oxygen conforms to water what would water be considered and what would hydrogen and oxygen be considered?
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How do you figure out how much water you make when you ignite oxygen and hydrogen?

The amount of water formed from a reactionof hydrogen and oxygen conforms to the chemical equation: 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O For every two moles of hydrogen which reacts with one mole of oxygen, 2 moles of water are formed.

Explain why hydrogen and oxygen considered element whereas water as a compound?

In the water molecule hydrogen and oxygen are chemically bonded.

Can water and hydrogen be considered similar substances?

No. While water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, its properties are very different from those of hydrogen.

Why hydrogen and oxygen considered elements whereas water a compound?

hydrogen & oxygen are made of one kind of atom while water is made of 2 kinds oxygen &hydrogen.

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.whats the water?

Water can be considered as an oxyde of hydrogen with the chemical formula H2O.

Why hydrogen and oxygen considered elements whereas water as compound?

hydrogen and oxygen are elements . but two or more elements combine to form a compound.

What happens when hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water?

This reaction can be considered as an oxydative reaction oh hydrogen.

Is the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water an example of homogeous mixture?

No. Since the hydrogen and oxygen in water are chemically bonded to one another in a fixed ration water is considered a pure substance.

When hydrogen and oxygen combine and form water water is?

hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

Is oxygen and hydrogen combined a molecular compound?

Water, H2O, is a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen. It is considered a compound. That said, yes, oxygen and hydrogen combine to make a compound that is represented by the molecule H2O.

Can water and hydrogen peroxide be considered the same?

No, water (H2O) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are two separate chemicals. However, hydrogen peroxide is an unstable compound which will eventually become water and oxygen gas.

Is water a part of sugar molecule?

No, A sugar molecule has hydrogen and oxygen in it, but it is by no means water. It has to be a separate compound to be considered water.

Are hydrogen oxygen and water the same?

No. Water is a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen. While elemental Oxygen and Hydrogen are gases.

What is water without oxygen?

Hydrogen as water is made of oxygen and hydrogen.

Why is oxygen important to water?

Oxygen is important to water because oxygen is an element in water. Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen, water would just be hydrogen, not water!

Why is pure water a compound?

There are 2 particles of hydrogen and 1 particle of oxygen. Therefore, water is considered a compound.

How is compound water different from hydrogen and oxygen?

the compound water made up of hydrogen and oxygen. hydrogen and oxygen both are gas. but the compound water is liquid

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen explain why this is a chemical reaction what are the reactants and products in the reaction?

This is considered to be a chemical reaction because it is not possible to rearrange water and oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide. This is science studied.

Why the formation of water can be classified as a synthesis combustion or oxidation-reduction reaction?

The formation of water can be classified as a combustion reaction because hydrogen is heated in oxygen, and it is considered a synthesis reaction because two elements - hydrogen and oxygen - combine to form 1 compound - water.

Why is water formed when you mix hydrogen and oxygen gases?

Water is H2O. 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Water is not formed when you mix hydrogen and oxygen. An explosive mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is formed. When you burn hydrogen in oxygen, the resulting compound is water. When you boil water the result is steam, or water vapor. Boiling does NOT separate the hydrogen and oxygen. An electrical current is needed to separate the hydrogen and oxygen. CAUTION: Do NOT put salt in the water to speed up the electrolysis of water. It changes the products. instead of hydrogen and oxygen, you get hydrogen, chlorine (gas), and sodium hydroxide. The last two are very poisonous.

What ratio of Hydrogen to oxygen in molecule of water?

Water is H2O, which means there are 2 H's (hydrogen) to every one O (oxygen). Therefore, the ration of hydrogen to oxygen in water is two to one. Water is H2O, which means there are 2 H's (hydrogen) to every one O (oxygen). Therefore, the ration of hydrogen to oxygen in water is two to one.

Is hydrogen a product of photosynthesis?

Hydrogen is an element that when bonded with oxygen, will produce water 'H20'. And therefore is not a product of photosynthesis. However as water is a reactant in photosynthesis, it can be considered that hydrogen is a necessary atom for photosynthesis to occur

Is water orgainc or inorganic?

Inorganic. A compound must contain carbon to be considered organic. Water is only hydrogen and oxygen.

Does hydrogen and oxygen makes water?

Yes, water is comprised of Hydrogen and Oxygen, H2O

How do you turn hydrogen into water?

By reacting it with oxygen; both the hydrogen and the oxygen are converted into water.