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Water (H2O) is formed when hydrogen is burned by oxygen

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What compound is formed when hydrogen is burnt?

When hydrogen burns, water is formed.

What does the sun make when it burns hydrogen?

The sun burns hyrogen to make helium.

What element burns with air to make water?

Hydrogen burns in air to make water

Does pure hydrogen burn?

Yes, Hydrogen burns in the presence of Oxygen to form the compound H2O, better known as water.

Does oxygen atoms burn when they are in a compound with hydrogen?

When oxygen fuses with hydrogen it burns in the sun. Of course just think of the sun dummy. When oxygen fuses with hydrogen it burns in the sun. Of course just think of the sun dummy.

An organic compound burns with a sooty flame is it a saturated or unsaturated compound?

a saturated compound contains more no of hydrogen atoms as compared to unsaturated compounds .so an saturated compound

How do you make water from hydrogen?

When hydrogen burns, the product is water. 2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O

Can hydrogen and silicon form a bond?

Yes, SiH4, commonly known as silane, is a compound of silicon and hydrogen. It is a gas that burns on contact to air.

What is pure water and write its chemical formula?

H2O A compound formed when hydrogen gas burns with oxygen.

What is two ways hydrogen is used?

Two ways that Hydrogen is used is by,using it as a compound to make gas for cars,and by using it as a compound to make water.H2O.

Hydrogen burns with a pop?

yes, hydrogen gas burns with a pop!

Is oxygen and hydrogen combined a molecular compound?

Water, H2O, is a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen. It is considered a compound. That said, yes, oxygen and hydrogen combine to make a compound that is represented by the molecule H2O.

What product is formed when hydrogen is burnt in oxygen?

When Hydrogen reacts (or burns) with Oxygen it forms a liquid compound called 'Hydrate,' which is more commonly known as water.

Does the sun burns hydrogen to make helium?

Ding, ding, ding! Within stars, hydrogen is fused together to make helium.

Does hydrogen cause pollution when it burns?

No, hydrogen produces water (H2O) when it burns.

What can be mixed with oxygen or water to make a compound?

oxygen can be mixed with hydrogen and then your compound will be water.

What happens when hydrogen burns in oxygen?

When hydrogen burns in oxygen it forms water mean H2O.

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