When invented resistor?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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invented in 500BC before electricity was invented

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It was invented by Otis Boykin

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Q: When invented resistor?
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Who invented the resistor?

Otis F. Boykin invented the wire precision resistor and the electrical resistor.

When was the resistor invented?

The resistor was invented around the mid-19th century. Specific credit for the invention is often given to Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) in the 1850s.

Who made the first resistor?

Otis f.boykin made and invented first the resistor

Who invented light dependent resistor?

K. K.

When and by who were resistors made?

Otis F. Boykin invented the wire precision resistor and the electrical resistor. In June 1959, he got the first patent for the wire precision resistor and in June 1965, he got his patent for the electrical resistor.

Who invented a resistor tor reduce the cost of producing electric controls?


What did Otis boykin invented?

Otis Boykin invented an electrical resistor for computers, televisions, and radios. This new and improved resistor allowed companies to ask less for their electronics. He also invented a variable resistor used in guided missile parts, a control unit for heart stimulators, a cash register that was burglar proof, and a chemical air filter.

What is Otis boykin famous for?

Otis boykin invented and improved electrical resistor and a control unit for peace makers

Who invented the light dependent resistor?

J.B. Gunn is credited with the invention of the light dependent resistor in the early 20th century. It was initially developed for military applications during World War II.

Is Light dependent resistor an example of resistor?

yes, a variable resistor

What are resistor values defined by?

Resistor value is defined by the Resistance the resistor offers in Kilo ohms/ohms value given by color codes on the resistor.

What is the function of a cement resistor?

A cement resistor is typically used as a power resistor (a resistor whose power rating is greater than 1 W).