When is Aidan Davis official going to reopen?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When is Aidan Davis official going to reopen?
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Aidan Davis is going out with aneeqah majid?

aidan Davis is going out with aneeqah majid!

Who is going out with Aidan Davis?

aidan Davis isn't going out with someone at the moment, but he's bound to find a GF soon!

Is Aidan Davis going out with anyone?

yes, Margaret Garrett

Is Aidan Davis going out with Laura mealor?

He is going out with Aneeqah Majid and Laura Mealor

Is Aidan Davis going to win Britain's got talent 2009?

Yes aidan has a chance of winning but i want diversity to win so bad!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Aidan Davis ever going to go out with a girl who is his number 1 fan?

You can't predict this, it's possible he will go out with a fan.

Who is going to do the Britain's got talent tour 2009 is Aidan Davis doing it in bourmouth?

All The Finalist And Some Others Are Doing It Everywhere :)

Whose left in Britain's got talent 2009?

well these are going through to the final from so far Susan Boyle, Diversity, Flawless, Shaun Smith, Kayode Oresanya and Stavros Flatley. and fingers crossed that Aidan Davis gets through his semi-final. so please vote for Aidan Davis!

Is imagine town going to reopen?

i saw on the forums it will reopen in like four months

Is imagine town ever going to reopen?

No i dont think , it will neved reopen. sad

What is Aidan Davis going to do now?

With talent like his, he has a long and successful future ahead of him. There are even rumours that he could be joining Britain's Got Talent 2009 winners Diversity.

Is kidswirl going to reopen?

All in due time