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It came out in September of 2008. There are a few good songs but still a dissapointing album

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โˆ™ 2008-12-07 20:22:50
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Q: When is Guns n Roses releasing a new album?
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What is the new Guns n' Roses CD called?

G N Rs new album is "Chinese democracy".

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The Guns N Roses classic members (Axl Rose/Slash/Izzy Stradlin/Duff Mckagen/Steven Adler) broke up many years ago. However, Axl Rose has formed a new band entitled Guns N Roses in which he is the only member of the classic band still present. The New Guns N Roses have released an album entitled 'Chinese Democracy', but has not had anywhere near the success of the Classic Guns N Roses. This is mainly because EVERYBODY HATES AXL BECAUSE HE IS A DRG ADDICTED TWT WHO DEMOLISHED ONE OF THE GREATEST ROCK N ROLL BANDS OF ALL TIME. That said, the new band is SHT BEYOND COMPARE AND SHOULD BE BURNT AT A STAKE FOR DARKENING THE GUNS N ROSES NAME!

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