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October 2010 in the USA

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When does Justin Biebers book come out?

Superstar Justin Bieber's new book First Step 2 Forever : My Story will hit the stores near the end of October. Around the 20th or later :) :) :) :) :) :)

When is Justin Biebers book come out in New Zealand?

I'm sorry but Justin Bieber is married to Danielle King .

What is the name of Justin biebers book?

his first book was first step 2 forever and his new book is called just getting started

Is Justin bieber making a book?

Yes his book is coming out in October.

Will HMV sell justin Biebers book?

Yes! you can buy iy from tescos waterstones sainsburys etc xxx

What is justin biebers fav football team?

Justin's fav team and ever book mag and persons says this and it is right it is CHELSEA

What is Justin biebers book first step 2 forever about?

His book is about him and his journey from nobody into a famous singer that every one knows. It's basically an auto biography.

What is justin biebers favorite hair cut for girls?

His favorite book is"The Lightning Thief". It's a good book read it ! TO follow me on twitter go to"Stevie_Tv_Fan@3222yahoo.com" Thanks!

When will Justin biebers new book just getting started come to Australia?

It came out yesterday all around the world (pardon the pun)

When did Justin biebers dog sam die?

on face book him and his freinds put rip Sammy ( his dog) but i don't think that's the real Justin bieber.... but u have to look harder on this questions

Will Queen Pen have a sequel to her book Blossom?

Yes! The book is coming to stores in early 08!

When will Justin Bieber sell his memoir?

justin bieber is coming out with his book in october and his 3d movie on valentines day 2011

When will the fourth evernight book be in stores?

the 4th evernight book is called afterlife and its coming out in march 2011

Is the fourth Eragon book out in stores?

Not yet but it might be coming out in August 2009

What did Sarah hickton do?

she is very proud of two things 1) she went hiking in friston forest 2) she read Justin biebers book first steps to forever

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