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Q: When is Lincoln day?
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When was The Day Lincoln Was Shot created?

The Day Lincoln Was Shot was created in 1998.

When was Lincoln Creek Day School created?

Lincoln Creek Day School was created in 1937.

Where is the National History Day Lincoln District in Lincoln Nebraska located?

The address of the National History Day Lincoln District is: 827 N 33Rd St, Lincoln, NE 68503-2612

What is Lincolns real name?

Abraham Lincoln or Abe Lincoln or Lincoln=) his real name was Abraham Lincoln =) have a nice day! =D

Did Abraham Lincoln have a phone number?

No, in Lincoln's day the telephone had not been invented.

What day honors our presidents?

Presumably Presidents' Day, but that is not an actual official federal holiday.At the state level, the following states have some official holiday which honors more than one president:Presidents­­' Day - Five states: AK, HI, OK, TX, WVPresident'­­s Day - KS, NEPresidents Day - ILWashington­­-Lincoln Day - CO, OHWashington­­'s and Lincoln's Birthday - MN, WYLincoln - Washington Presidents­­' Day - AZLincoln's and Washington­­'s Birthdays - MTWashington­­'s and Lincoln's birthday, President'­­s day - NMPresidents­­' Day for the purpose of commemorat­­ing Presidents Washington and Lincoln - ORThe anniversar­­y of the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington - SDWashington and Lincoln Day - VTPresidents­­' Day to be celebrated as the anniversar­­y of the births of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington - WAThe day of celebratio­­n for February 12 and 22 - WI

What day and year was Lincoln's assassination?

Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865, but he did not die until the following day.

What holiday did Lincoln call for during the Civil war?

Lincoln called for a day of Thanksgiving.

What has the author H W Howe written?

H. W. Howe has written: 'Washington, Lincoln & McKinley entertainment' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Anniversaries, Lincoln Day 'Lincoln entertainment' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Anniversaries, Lincoln Day

Where and when did Abe Lincoln live?

Some day

Who was defeated on D-day?

Abraham Lincoln

What has the author Otho F Bartholow written?

Otho F. Bartholow has written: 'The symmetry of Lincoln's character' -- subject(s): Sermons, Psychology, Lincoln Day addresses 'The spiritual life of Abraham Lincoln' -- subject(s): Religion, Sermons, Lincoln Day addresses