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The shipping date is estimated to be sometime in late 2006. Longhorn is now Windows Vista.

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Q: When is Microsoft going to release its newest windows operating system Longhorn by putting it on the market?
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When did Microsoft release windows operating system?

The first version of Windows was released in November 1985.

What day of the month does Microsoft typically release operating system updates?

The second Tuesday of the month.

What are the release dates for The Longhorn - 1951?

The Longhorn - 1951 was released on: USA: 25 November 1951

When will Microsoft release Windows 8?

Microsoft will release the beta of Windows 8 in or around June 2011 and the final release of the operating system in or around October 2011. Microsoft will release the operating system October 2012. only after 3 years after the release of Windows 7 which is a very good operating system to use i dont see the point paying for Windows Media Center when you can use it for free in Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional and Ultimate and Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate what is the point of upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8 when you have Windows Media Player 12

In which year was Microsoft Windows 7 published?

This personal computer operating systems was release and published on July 22, 2009 by Microsoft and was named one of the best products of the 2009 year.

What is the most recent Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows 10 is more preferred and most selling operating system out there right now due to its features and speed. Microsoft Windows 10 one of the best operating system you will get right now with lots of feature and compatible to all the latest software and hardware for computer. In this operating system you get best and improved security system. Microsoft also provide you microsoft store for easy Microsoft Windows 10 purchase of software and games, but the best part is that Microsoft provide this operating system free to its user with some restriction.

Latest OS released by Microsoft?

Windows Server 2008 was released in February 2008. The next operating system release is expected to be Windows 7 in October 2009.

Latest Microsoft version?

If by Microsoft you mean the Windows operating system: The latest general OS is Vista (6.0.6002) The latest server OS is Windows Server 2008 (6.0.6002) The latest (release candidate) for Vista's successor is Windows 7 (6.1.7100)

How can be windows xp be install that does not contain product key?

Microsoft has released many Operating systems that do not require a CD key. They simply just release sertain CD's that do not need a CD key.

How did bill gates discover Microsoft?

Bill Gates became interested in programming computers as a young teen. He and his partner developed and sold a computerized traffic counting system as teenagers in high school. He went on to Harvard, but dropped out to form Microsoft and he and his childhood partner developed the operating system MS-DOS which made them a fortune. The two went on to develop and release the Windows operating system in 1983.

What are the release dates for Silver Spoons - 1982 Kate Lassos a Longhorn 5-11?

Silver Spoons - 1982 Kate Lassos a Longhorn 5-11 was released on: USA: 24 November 1986

What are the release dates for Fantasy Island - 1977 Vampire The Lady and the Longhorn 2-13?

Fantasy Island - 1977 Vampire The Lady and the Longhorn 2-13 was released on: USA: 16 December 1978

What is the release date for Microsoft Groove?

The Microsoft Groove was released in 2007. It is designed for IT professionals and developers.

What are the release dates for Starsky and Hutch - 1975 Texas Longhorn 1-2?

Starsky and Hutch - 1975 Texas Longhorn 1-2 was released on: USA: 17 September 1975 West Germany: 11 January 1978

What is the most current version of Windows available?

The newest available operating system from Microsoft for personal and business computers, is Windows 7. However, Windows 7 is not available at stores such as Best Buy, Staples, Wal-Mart, or Target yet. Windows 7 will not be available in stores until October 2009, according to the Microsoft Windows website. However, there is a program named, "Windows 7 Release Candidate." "Windows 7 Release Candidate" is a program that you can install via Microsoft's Windows Downloads Center. Windows 7 Release Candidate, is a program that you install via Microsoft's Windows Download Center. It's a program that has been created to function like a Microsoft Windows Operating System. The Windows 7 Release Candidate, will be even better than Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Business. According to Microsoft Corporation's, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), page, on Microsoft Corporation's website. The Windows 7 Release Candidate is a program that has been created to function like a Microsoft Windows Operating Systemn, but it is similar to Windows Vista Ultimate. The main reason that Microsoft Corporation, created the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Is because for the past two years, Microsoft has received a lot of feedback from users, about how Windows Vista wouldn't function properly. So, because of that, earlier this year 2009, Microsoft decided to create a new operating system, named Windows 7. Microsoft Corporation created the Windows 7 Release Candidate, because when Windows 7 Release Candidate users, are using the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Error messages, and those sort of things, are sent directly from the person's computer taht is using Windows Release Candidate, to put the Microsoft building in Washington. And those error messages, and those sort of things, will help Microsoft make improvements to Windows 7, before it comes out in October. Also, according to Microsoft Corporation's, Windows 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The Windows 7 Release Candidate will be available for download via the Microsoft website until August 30. So, because of that, every day after August 30. If you the Windows 7 Relase Candidate installed on your computer, then your computer will turn off every two hours. Also, Windows 7 has the following Internet browsers, "Internet Explorer 7", "Intenet Explorer 8", and the latest version of, "Mozilla Firefox." According to the Windows 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, on the Microsoft website.

What year did Microsoft release Windows 95?


What year did Microsoft release window xp?


How much does XP Home Edition usually cost to buy?

Due to the release of the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft, the price for XP Home Edition has dropped considerably. It is available from as little as £25 online.

When will the newest version of Microsoft Office be available?

Microsoft office 2010 was just recently release. If you are looking for the newest version of Microsoft Office Mac 2011, the target date for release was the holiday season of 2010. As of today there is no information for a newer version.

What is the first program created by Microsoft?

D.O.S. it is an operating system, it is the base for windows. That is incorrect. DOS was not their first product. Their first program was ALTAIR BASIC in 1975. DOS wouldn't come around until the release of the IBM PC in 1981.

What is the OS2 system?

OS/2 is a computer operating system, initially created by Microsoft and IBM, then later developed by IBM exclusively. The name stands for "Operating System/2," because it was introduced as part of the same generation change release as IBM's "Personal System/2 (PS/2)" line of second-generation personal computers.

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What is the abbreviation mie stand for?

MIE is an abbreviation for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web browser that was first launched by Microsoft in 1995 as part of their Windows 95 release.

What year did Microsoft release its first browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 1 (IE or MSIE) was released in August 16, 1995.