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it is out now.

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โˆ™ 2012-06-30 14:02:11
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Q: When is Pokemon Conquest being released?
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What are all Pokemon Conquest codes?

what are all the pokemon conquest codes

When is LOTRO conquest being released?

I'm assuming you mean Lord of the Rings Conquest, because LOTRO is a MMORPG. And the answer is, ALREADY OUT!

How much does Pokemon Conquest cost in stores?

Pokemon Conquest cost about $35.00 before Taxes . :)

When did Pokemon Conquest happen?

Pokémon Conquest happened in 2012.

How do you switch out Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest?

To switch out the Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest the player must select the person they wish to switch, select their kingdom, and scroll down to the Pokemon to find the option to switch them out.

When was Pokemon Conquest created?

Pokémon Conquest was created on 2012-03-17.

Can you release Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest?

Yes, you can release Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest. All you have to do is link with more wild Pokemon than your warrior can hold. Once they get one Pokemon above the warrior's maximum capacity you have to release one of your Pokemon.

How do you give a Pokemon an item on Pokemon Conquest?

you have to beat the game

Will Pokemon HeartGold be released in December?

Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver is being released early 2010 in the UK.

When was Conquest of the Planet of the Apes released?

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes was released on 01/01/1972.

Can you get skitty in Pokemon Conquest?


What kinds of Pokemon are in Pokemon Conquest?

mostly kanto and pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

What Pokemon game will be released after Pokemon Platinum?

The games being released after platinum will be Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Why won't your Pokemon Conquest ROM work?

if you want pokemon conquest check out these then. 100% working rom + emulator. Got the real working pokemon conquest only its USA version. not working on flashcards yet

What is you goal in Pokemon Conquest?

To complete the pokedex

How do you get a moonstone on Pokemon Conquest?

you suck balls!

How do you get Zekrom in Pokemon Conquest?

the password is 6iYmwq1Y8w

How many files can Pokemon Conquest have?


Is Pokemon Conquest for PlayStation 2?

No, its for the ds.

When does Pokemon Conquest go out in stores?

Its out now

Can you go to different regions in Pokemon Conquest?


Can you get flygon in Pokemon Conquest?

no u cannot

Is Pokemon Conquest a good game to get for your birthday?


How manny Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Conquest?

at least 50 or a little more...

Do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon conquest?

Yes, certain pokemon evolve in pokemon conquest but you need to meet certain requirement e.g. using an evolution stone, raising the link of the pokemon to a certain amount or doing it in a certain kingdom (these are not to be known as all of the ways). :)