Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

When is Pokemon soul siver?

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I think heart gold and soul silver will be coming out sometime in the fall of 2009 so it's not too long of a wait.

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How do you get Pokemon soul siver on action replay?

You can buy the toy at shop for Pokemon :)

Where can you catch phanpy on Pokemon soul siver?

You can catch a Phanphy on route 45.

Where is the basement for the key in Pokemon soul siver?

you find the basement key in the underground path

How do you get a magmizer in Pokemon soul siver?

i do beleve that the magmarizer is on the island that blue is on in the second reagon.

Where is the radio tower located no Pokemon soul siver?

This is from HG, but I believe it's in Goldenrod City.

Cheapest place to get Pokemon soul siver in the us?

As of March 29, 2010, Amazon.com lists Pokemon SoulSilver for $32.54.

What Pokemon legend in Pokemon siver?

In Pokemon Soul silver or silver or gold, the legendaries you can get is Lugia, Suicune, Entai, Raikou, Mew and Mew 2

When is Pokemon soul siver coming out?

Later next year around... Winter I've been told

Can you put your Pokemon from platinum to siver?

if you mean from platinum to soul silver then yes you can trade the back and forth

Where is the TM rock climb on Pokemon soul siver?

its on 221 you have to talk to that lady near the house and she will give it to you

How do you get Groudon in soul siver?

get the red orb from Mr. Pokemon and take it to a cave that is on the way to the safari zone

What do you do after when i get a Kanto starter in pokemon soul siver?

You go off and train it and start defeating the gym leaders

Where do you get headbut on Pokemon soul siver?

You get headbutt in ilex forrest. There will be a man (who looks fat) that will give you the move headbutt. :):):)

Where is flygon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

i don't think flygon is in soul siver or heart gold but you can get a trapinch and raise it to a flygon in Pokemon ruby,Sapphire,and emerald

Can you get Pokemon from soul siver on Pokemon black and white?

Yes, but you need two DS systems and access to PokeTransfer. The people in the PokeTransfer building do the rest.

Can you catch all the Pokemon in heart gold soul siver?

I think you can with action replay or pal park. But the rest is trading

Where can you get an omanyte in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you have to trade it with somebody from heart gold because in soul siver you find a kabuto fossil but in heart gold you find an omanyte fossil. But I dont know how to make the fossil into the pokemon.

Where is yanma in soul siver?

the Pokemon is found on route 35 but it might be hard to find because the chances are really low; its about 1%

Pokemon soul siver where is the dance floor in golden rod city?

Actually, there is no dance floor in Goldenrod. The dance theater is in Ecruteak directly above the Pokemon Center.

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