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When is Pontiac going to have a car in Nascar again?


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Pontiac sponsored teams for quite some time, as did Buick. The last official chatter I had heard directly from GM, as an employee of Chevrolet, was that they were talking about downsizing, and possibly even phasing out Pontiac. They were going to come up with a whole new product, and nameplate series. This was back in late 06. Saturn was breaking even, and for sale, Hummer was up for grabs, which, makes no sense because the H1 was discontinued, the H2, was simply a Tahoe, as is all other Gm midsized SUV's, Tahoe, H2, Escalade, Yukon, and that H3is a Canyon, or Dakota. So, to buy Hummer, you would still have to have Gm build, and supply, and.............Ok. Now, assuming that Pontiac goes nowhere, then, the chances, are still pretty slim. Back in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, well, until the COT, or car of tomorrow, they actually used the production car, or, eventually the shape at least, and people recognized the cars, as they were on the street, or, say, the new car lot. Now, they just wear a nameplate, and run that manufacturers motor, which, isn't even one the public can access, anymore. To say that NASCAR dealt the automotive manufacturers a very bad hand, would be an understatement. They seem to have forgotten a lot of their roots, and those who, behind the scenes helped them build excitement in their once, more popular, sport. Sad. They tried too hard, to force a good thing, in my opinion.