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WEll...Orton was supposed to win it from Batista at this Armegaddon..since batista has a major injury that required surgery or long rest..But batista has decided to play on with this out goes orton's plans and his duel with taker came to play again....Other than that as of now there are no plans to my knowledge...but the next champ is certainly going to be him because batista is 41 and would no be carrying the strap for much longer. Batista is 36 years old, soon to be 37 in January. Randy may be able to get the title again, if he stops his fued with Taker.

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Q: When is Randy Orton going to win the World Title again?
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Jona cena win WWE title again in 2009?

He already has but he might have lost it to randy orton at bragging rights

Will Randy Orton become world heavyweight champion again?

yes ofcourse because he is the legend killer

When will Randy Orton shave his beard again like in 2010?

Randy Orton will probably end up shaving his beard when he turns heel.

Is randy orton going to be WWE champion again?

i think no

Why doesn't Triple H just shoot Randy Orton?

triple h would be jailed for life and wouldn't be aloud to wrestle again he also wouldn't do the but when he meet randy orton next he will badly injure him.

Does anyone think John Cena will regain the WWE title?

I Think Tonight (July,6th 2009) On Monday Night Raw John Cena VS. HHH Cena will win Go To Night Of Champions 2009 and Beat randy orton and again become WWE Champion! (I Was Just thinking right now it wont happen but maybe if randy orton loses his WWE Title at Night Of Champions 2009 and so does Chris Jericho and Edge They Lose there Tag Team Titles Edge And Randy Orton Will Become Once Again Rated RKO!) I think that 'if it sells tickets, it can happen'.

Why christian can't take of the title from orton?

Presently, Randy Orton is in raising streak. So, it is too tough to anyone to defeat him. Another reason is Christian's professional wrestling skills are not stronger than Randy Orton's skills. In other words, Randy Orton could wrestle too hard. Christian now lost people's support as per WWE events and people encourage Orton. Spectators' support indirectly affects player's performance. And the final reason is time. Christian definitely become WWE World Heavyweight Champion once again once he overcomes all these things.

Why was Randy Orton suspended from WWE?

WWE have stated: WWE Superstar, Randy Orton, has been suspended for 60 days to hissecond violation of the company's Wellness Policy.In April 2006, Orton was suspended for unprofessional conduct and behavioural issues and again in August, only a few months later. However this was kept under closed doors and the question, why Randy Orton was suspended again was never answered. If Orton violates the company's Wellness Policy again, his contract will be terminated and he will be fired. It is revealed that William Regal and Rey Mysterio are both on two strikes and will get terminated if they violate the rules again. Rumours suggest that the reason for the suspension of WWE Superstar Randy Orton was due to the fact that he had failed a drugs test for his second time in his WWE Career, first suspenion is 30 days, then 60, then suspension.

Will Randy Orton become champion once again?

Nobody knows but maybe he will because he got his henchmen to help him.

When exactly did John Cena appear again after the farewell speech at 2010?

Wade barrett hired him again to be the ref for his match against randy orton

Who is the winner of royal rumble 2010?

the winner of royal rumble is unbelievably the undertaker again and the winner of wrestlemania is randy orton

Will Randy Orton turn face ever again?

He will turn face again (he just signed a 10 year contract) but he will turn face again in about 2 -3 years or more. He has recently turned face

Do you think Randy Orton survive in the up coming royal rumble?


Will edge and Randy Orton be a tag team again?

If its a video game like WWE Smackdown 09 or 10 no but in real life you don't know maybe they could

Will john cena win the WWE championship again?

Yes randy orton will defeat jerry lawler at summer slam and john cena would of cashed in on randy orton.His reign will be until TLC to sheamus.sorry if i have spoiled the suprise but you should be exited!

Is vince McMahon coming back?

He returned to Raw January 2009 from his accident in June 2008. When he returned, he was punted in the head by WWE superstar Randy Orton and become out of action once again.

When Will Vince McMahon return to Raw?

He returned to Raw January 2009 from his accident in June 2008. When he returned, he was punted in the head by WWE superstar Randy Orton and become out of action once again.

Why did legacy become a tag team?

They became a tag team because Randy Orton believed that without backup he would never again be WWE champion...well, at least that's what he thinks.

Will rated rko reunite?

well right now it is 2010. On may 23 2010 there was a brand new wwe PPV. it was called wwe over the limit. this rivalry started on the 2010 edition of the wwe draft. Edge was drafted to raw. And in the main event it was a triple threat match to be the Number 1 contender for the wwe title. Between Sheamus, randy Orton and Batista. Randy just had RKO'ed sheamus then edge came from nowhere and speared randy. then Batista got the cover and won. he was 1nce again number 1 contender and he lost at over the limit to john cena. But edge fought Orton at over the limit and it ended in a double count out. Edge was pissed off. Plus how would they? It is PG-TV! impossible. And that is why they probably will never reunite again.

Is rey mysterio gunna win world title again?

Lets hope not.

Will Undertaker hold the title again before he retires?

the undertaker will most likely get the title, its just one problem, How would he loose it? since wrestlemania 20, the writers have made the undertker never loose by pinfall or submission. and that's the only way to loose the title, so his reputation would be destroyed, and that something the taker fans would not want,but truthfully, he would never loose itAnswerHe has a lot left in him. he plans on retiring when he is 65. AnswerI belive that the undertaker will win the title whether its the raw or smackdown title he will defebtly win it and when he loses it he will not get pinned nor will he submit which he hasn't done in a long time. When he loses the title it will most properly be a 3 way match or maybe more superstars involved in the match. Answerhopefully he will beat hassan at the great American bash and become number one contender to take the title from batista who I hope will be the champ cuz he will fight a fair fight unlike JBL AnswerI heard Undertaker is gonna defeat Hasan at the Great American Bash, and face Batista at Summerslam for the World Title. That's the rumor going around right don't know if it's true or not. But he'll most likely win the title then face Randy Orton and Batista in a Triple Threat Match or something. AnswerUndertaker won't be facing Batista, unfortunately, unless there is a ruling for the annoying interruptions Randy Orton has been, and did make on this match. Orton hasn't wrestled a match since he was drafted, so in my eyes he doesn't deserve to be on the show. After a tombstone, Taker went to check the referee, who was sent out of the ring by a flying Orlando Jordan, and the Randy Orton delivered an RKO to the Undertaker, placing Bradshaw's across Taker. The ref then came-to and counted the pinfall, resulting in JBL becoming the #1 Contender.

How do you put titles online on svr2011 for ps3?

well first you will need to go to WWE Universe, then go to my and superstars. then chose the superstar you want to have the title, for example i am doing a title match with the miz as the WWE champion vs randy Orton, chose the miz then go to title settings, chose the title you want, example WWE championship. then add a title that you can unlock, like WcW championship so that should give the miz 2 titles. when your done with that go back and turn of wwe universe and chose the miz and click X (for Xbox is X i am not sure for PS3) advance then it says title match? again click X then you get a title match.EnJoY WiTh YoUr WwE GaMe.

Is randy orton's wife pregnant again?

No, she is not.

Is Samantha speno-orton pregnant again?

yeah but with kanes baby

Who wins at hell in a cell?

Wade Barrett defeats Cena now Cena is in Nexus, Orton defended his title against Shaemus, Kane beats Undertaker again and Daniel Brian, Edge and Natalya won there matches.