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When is The Apprentice back on BBC in the UK?

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SOz BaBeZ ReaLLy Don'T KnoW

wsh I coULd HelP!!

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Who sings in the new BBC trailer for the apprentice?

tony bennett

Who sings the tune played on advert on BBC for waking the apprentice which is currently being played on BBC?

Tony Bennett

What is the duration of The Apprentice UK TV series?

The duration of The Apprentice - UK TV series - is 3600.0 seconds.

Who is the owner of BBC?

The Owner of BBC is UK Government.

Is BBC covering UK snooker comp?

Yes, the BBC is covering the UK Snooker Championships (comp).

Who sings the music on the BBC advert for the apprentice series?

I think its Tony Bennett

When does The Apprentice air on the BBC?

maybe yes maybe now, i dont know

When was The Apprentice - UK TV series - created?

The Apprentice - UK TV series - was created on 2005-02-16.

Who owns the BBC?

Technically, the taxpayer. The BBC is owned by the UK state. The government funds the BBC by charging all UK television viewers a license fee.

Who sings the song for the BBC trailer of the apprentice?

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Tony Bennett

Who does the voiceover on the UK Apprentice?

Mark Halliley

Is rangers apprentice book 6 out in the UK?


The percentage of people uses the BBC in the UK?

I had found the answer from that more than 82% of the people in UK use BBC to get updated with the latest news in UK and all over the world.

Where can you watch the Super Bowl in the UK?


What shows can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer?

The Village can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer. Dr. Who can be viewed on the BBC I player. The Voice UK can also be viewed on the BBC iPlayer. Margaret can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer.

Who's going to be sir allen's apprentice from the apprentice on BBC one?

a worker job thinging thing a worker job thinging thing a worker job thinging thing

How what is a BBC measurement for a semi?

From the front bumber to the back of the cab. BBC = bumber to the back of cab.

What channel is EastEnders on?

In the UK, EastEnders is broadcasted on BBC One. It is repeated on BBC Three. It is also available to watch online on BBC iPlayer.

How can you get a UK IP address so I can listen to BBC Radio?

Many of the BBC UK radio stations are now available to international users through the BBC iplayer website, so you don't need a UK IP address. These may have restrictions on bitrate compared to UK versions, but these are gradually being lifted.

Who has the tv rights to show the 2008 European football chapionship in England?

BBC THE bbc has the rights in the UK

What are the ratings and certificates for Adots Apprentice - 2013?

Adots Apprentice - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

What does BBC co UK stands for?

what does stand for

What are some of the largest broadband companies in the UK?

Some of the largest broadband companies in the UK are similar to BBC. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and is the main broadcaster for the Brits.

How many golfers in the UK and the world?

There are aroung 3.6 million golfers in the UK according to the BBC.

How many channels were on the first TV?

In the UK, one: the BBC.