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yes he will at the royal rumble ethire him or christan

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Will Triple H ever come back to the WWE?

Yes triple h will come back to the wwe he is a tough. It's possible.

When will Triple H come back to the WWE 2010?

He will come back in the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011

Is jbl going back to wwe?

No he will not come back.

Will Triple H get back thwe WWE title?

yes he will acourse he is going to get back in the game

When will Triple H return WWE?

the awnser is yes he is going to come back along with two new wrestlers where they will be called the triple kings skysports say Well Skysports is wrong!

When Triple H come back to WWE?

triple h will come back the monday night raw befor the royal rumble so he can be in the royal rumble match

Is WWE edge going to come back to the WWE?

no becase he brocked his neck

When is Triple H going to wrestle again in the WWE?

I heard he would be back at summerslam

Is Dave batista coming back to WWE?

Yes, but he will injure his arm and triple h will come back

What year is brock lesnar coming back to WWE?

He met come back to the wwe. I know that he is going back in 2011

Is Triple H going to take over the WWE?

No triple h will not take over WWE

Is Triple H back on WWE 2011?

Yes, triple h is back :)

When dx come back in the WWE?

no because Shawn michaels retired and triple h is out of action

When is the miz coming back to WWE?

the miz got fired by Triple H so he will most likely never come back to the wwe unless he gets rehired.

Is team 3d going come back WWE?

no they are on tna. no they are on tna.

Is undertaker going to come back to the WWE?

yes he will return at wrestlemania27

When is WWE superstar Triple H going to be back?

He is already back if you saw Monday Night Raw on 11/1/10

Will Triple H be coming back to the WWE?

yes he will come back to wwe at summerslame and put shamus in place he needs to be and i think hbk is the gm of raw ofily he is then dx will be back in wwe we got to words 4 a sick it

Will WWE Triple H come back?

hes coming back in the money in the bank pay per viw as sheamus said he will face him for the wwe champ on twitter he said

Who should come back to the WWE?

Jeff Hardy,John Cena,Triple H,The rock,and Stone Coll. Did you know that Jeff hardy left the wwe because he was payed more at tna to come back

Is Triple H going to be the gm wwe?

Yes i think he is the gm of wwe

What are facts about Triple H from WWE?

He is Vince McMahon's advisor, and may come back for a few more matches if he can.

Where is Triple H id'nt see him in WWE?

He has been recording a movie recently, but he will probably come back soon.

Has rvd come back to WWE?

RVD has not come back to WWE as of yet.

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