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When is Triple H leaving wwe?

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sheamus all ready retired him at extreme rules

HHH is not retired

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Is Triple H leaving WWE?

No. Triple h is out due to injury. hes now executive to Mr McMahon. he even has an office at WWE headquarters. hes expected to be back at the end of this year of start of 2011.

Is Triple H going to take over the WWE?

No triple h will not take over WWE

How many WWE champ Triple H has?

triple h has won a total of 20 wwe titles

When did Triple H start the WWE?

Triple H made his debut to WWE in March 24, 1992

Is Triple H leaving the WWE?

no, he got promoted to vince mcmahon's senior adviser so he will still be in wwe, but maybe not as a wrestler much longer.

Is Triple H retire from WWE?

No he is still in the wwe

Which is better Triple H or Chris Jericho?

Triple H Triple H because he has the wwe title!!!!!1

How old is Triple H from WWE?

Triple H is 40 years old

Is Triple H back on WWE 2011?

Yes, triple h is back :)

How many times has Triple H won the WWE championship?

Triple H has won the WWE Championship 8 times the most in WWE History

WHo is WWE CHamption?

triple h triple h -as of now (april 7) it is triple h ____________________________________________________________________ as of backlash randy orton

When will Triple H return to WWE after his fight with sheamus?

triple h will return to wwe he just got injured really bad

Will Triple H ever come back to the WWE?

Yes triple h will come back to the wwe he is a tough. It's possible.

When is Triple H coming out?

never triple h will one day own wwe

When is Triple H returning to action?

Triple h is returning to the wwe before wrestlemania

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