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When is Triple H returnin to raw?


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2010-10-10 11:23:35
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Oct 18 2010 yes its true because he sign a new contract as raw gm

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Yes, Triple H is still on Raw.

No, he isn't the G.M of Raw.

If you been watching these past thew weeks on Raw you already know this question the Genaral Manager of Raw is Triple H.

Yes. He is back in WWE Raw

triple h is coming back apparently RR or elimination chamber

RAW it has triple h john cena batista!!!I luvvvvvvvvvvvvv triple h!!!!

the secret gm of monday night raw is triple h

Probably not if triple H is in Raw orton is staying on raw

Currently there is no GM for Raw. Triple H is the COO and runs the show

He has never beat him because they never had a world heavy weight title match in 08 Triple H was on RAW but, Batista was on SmackDown and then Triple H went to SmackDown and Batista went to RAW.

triple h will return on royal rumble 2011 in 28,29 or 30th entry 100 percent sure

the finisher is from triple H from wwe raw.

when is triple h coming back to raw

Triple H was in 2002 in raw

He will return sometime after Summerslam

No. Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the WWE. He is not the General Manager. Brad Maddox is the GM of WWE RAW. Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Smackdown

he is going to return at royal rumbel 2011...

I think its either triple H or the son mcmahon.

Running the WWE Raw show as the COO

It will most likely be 2011 now.

Either late or early 201.

Triple h and Shawn michaels.

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