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i belive smackdown is moving to syfy to expand the show.Smackdown is seen on mynetwork tv at this time at Friday at 8:pm in usa only i think and if it moves to syfy i think the whole world would see smackdown

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For money like a lot of things in wwe

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Q: When is WWE smackdown moving to syfy?
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Is wwe smackdown moving to a different channel?

yes they are moving to syfy 2012

What channel you can watch WWE smackdown?


Is Smackdown really moving to Syfy?


What channel is WWE network on?

It has two show Raw and Smackdown Raw is on USA Channel 28 and Smackdown is on Syfy

What day does WWE raw and smackdown start?

raw is on monday,9 pm on usa and smackdown is on friday and starts at 8pm on syfy.

How can you watch WWE live?

Raw is on USA Network SmackDown is on SYFY ECW canceled NXT is on WWE SuperStars is on

What channel does WWE come on on Friday?

On channel Syfy. Next episodes are on Oct. 1 at 8pm and Oct. 8 at 8pm.

What chanol is smackdown?


What channel does WWE Friday Night Smackdown air on -- and at what time?

WWE Friday Night Smackdown airs on Syfy in the United States, at 8 p.m. For more information on channel numbers, or international broadcasters, please follow the links below.

What are the release dates for WWF SmackDown - 1999 Smackdown Live SyFy Premiere?

WWF SmackDown - 1999 Smackdown Live SyFy Premiere was released on: USA: 1 October 2010

What time is WWE wrestling on TV?

Raw-USA-8:00 SmackDown-SyFy-7:00 Saturday-Sunday-12:00

On what network does WWE currently air?

Monday Night Raw - USA Network Mondays 9pm WWE NXT - SyFy Tuesdays 10pm WWE Superstars - WGN America Thursdays 8pm Friday Night Smackdown - My Network TV Fridays 8pm USA Network Monday Night at 9pm EST...