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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding until AT LEAST 1 year. The World Health Organization recommends AT LEAST 2 years.

Breastfeeding is NOT sexual abuse. It is feeding a child.

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When is an infant too old to learn to breast feed?

never. sucking is one of the first things a baby learns to do. its basically automatic and stays with you for a lifetime.

Is it safe to drink alchool while you breast feed?

No, what you drink goes to the baby too.

Why are breasts used?

boobs are used to feed a child, after giving birth the woman's boobs with now flow with breast milk, in result of giving their child the nutritats taht it needs from the milk also men love boobs too ! :)

Is it wrong to want a child before you are too old?

No it is not.

When is a child too old to breastfeed?

Breast milk is a healthy food. Our society often frowns on women breastfeeding past 6 months or a year. This is wrong. The natural age for a child to stop breastfeeding of their own accord is around 2 to 7 years old, without being forced to wean prematurely.

What age is a child too old for daycare?

Is age 18 too old. Sure would have solved a lot of problems.

My 2 year old weighs 35 pounds is that too much?

I think that the average 2 year old should way about 25 pounds,i recommand you put your child on a mainted diet,feed him or her healthier foods. sincerly, your health professer

Do you have to have breasts to have breast cancer?

No, men can have breast cancer too.

What is too high a fever for a two year old child?


I am 13 years old and recently found a lump behind each breast you are stil developing but can it be breast cancer?

If the lump is on the nipple then it is just your breasts developing. I had it when i was growing too.

Why do girls get boobie and guys don't?

Because girls have babies and guys don't. They need boobies to breast feed. Guys get curious and want some milk too

Can you get breast cancer from getting hit in the breast too hard?

yes you can !!

Are you too old to be a father at 50?

It may not be the typical age, but no age is too old if you are a loving, committed parent who really, truly wants the child.

How was a 9 year old child able to give birth?

i am 9 year old child and if you are too no one is able to give birth this is kind of crazy !

What jobs can a 10 year old do?

A 10 year old can mow lawns, wash cards, feed/walk dogs, help around the house. It is against child labor laws to hire anyone under 16 for "real" jobs.There are no jobs for a 10 year old. You are too young. Child labor laws prevents employers from hiring under the age of 16. You could mow lawns, walk/feed dogs, do chores for people. Babysitting is out until you are 14 or 15 years old.

There's a 3 day old baby squirell in my house what should I feed it?

feed it looooooootttttttttttttttttttttttts of nuts like, cashew, peanuts, apples are good too.

What to feed pregnant cats?

just feed them regularly not too much not too little

You are pregnant in 5 mounths Could you breast feed your baby girl of 1 year and 8 mounths?

More than likely, no. Your milk should not come completely in until the onset of labor. Attempting to express milk or feed another child can also cause early labor,something you certainly don't want at 5 months. When your baby gets here, you don't want you older child to want to feed on your breasts too. This can cause sibling jealousy, when baby is getting to eat, and big sis isn't. I personally wouldn't recommend trying it.

Can a 13 year old babysit a 9 year old child in missouri?

That 13 yar old is too young to babysit.

Does a 16 year old boy have to pay child support?

Yes all parents do. If the child is too young to get a job, his parents can be found obligated to pay by the court until the child is old enough.

How old is too old to be a menina?

Definition of " menina " in Portuguese Dictionary to English - Girl (child, bint, missy, she)

Is Alan Jackson 's wife expecting a child?

no silly she is too old

Can you still receive child support for a child that has a job?

Yes, provided they are not too old in accordance with state laws. See link

Can a nine year old get a job?

No, not a real job. Child labor laws state that a person has to be 16 or older to work. Nine years old is also too young for many jobs like a paper route, but you could mow lawns, feed/walk dogs, do chores.

Is it wrong to have no breast tissue bellow the nipple?

look up tubular breast....I have it too.