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When is a dog too young to give birth?


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A dog at the age of 1-2 is too young to give birth!


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Depends on it size and the dog size and how many it is giving birth too

Sometimes you may have too.

No. Sharks and rays give birth to live young too.

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Your dog is getting noticeably larger and may have some pain. She is getting weak and she doesn't like eating too much.

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my dog is acting weird sense this morning she is pregnat i dont know if she is giong to give birth today is there any body to answer this question ? i worry about her she in too much pian i dont know what to do...

dogs should be AT LEAST 20 months in order to breed/ give birth... they too need time to develop and finish growing before providing nutrients and care needed for puppies.

No, that's the "beginning" age to breed a dog.

no they die, then give birth, and come back too life

You want to make sure that the dog is not too young. Don't worry too much about this. Once a dog is a year can mate.

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I abserved that she was not alone too short, but too young also.

Yes, it's quite possible for a dog to get pregnant in its first year. But it should be prevented. They are still puppies themselves! Spaying a female dog at a young age (not too young) will stop a female dog from having the urge to mate, and will also stop her from going in to heat. Dogs who get pregnant in their first year often have less healthy puppies and smaller litters. Young dogs giving birth may need operation to get her pups out of her womb or at least, help with her giving birth.

I think that is too young in case their is an emergency with the dog.

Not right away just give her a day then give her a bath but bath her in baby shampoo but when you take her away from the babies don't take her away for too long.

Coyotes give birth to live young, and the females lactate to feed the young. They are also warmblooded and have fur covering their bodies.It is on land and has fur and lots of other stuff too.

I would say the best hospital to give birth too is ucla

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