When is a female most fertile?

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during the time of your Ovulation

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Q: When is a female most fertile?
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When is a female dog the most fertile?

During the time of the ovulation. During the time of the ovulation.

What part of a female dogs cycle when they are most fertile?

The best time for mating a female is between the seventh and fourteenth day of her season.

How does a human have to be to get pregnant?

Female and fertile.

Do you have to have a male and a female to have a fertile egg?

you don't need a male to have a fertile egg... the female body needs to be healthy and fertile to make a child which that part does take a male

How does a female bee turn into a queen bee?

It doesn't. The queen is the only fertile female in the colony. Most of the other bees are infertile workers.

Can a gynecologist get you pregnant?

If you are fertile and female and the gynaecologist is fertile and male then the possibility exists.

What is the difference in male and female bees fertility?

A queen is a fertile female. A drone is a fertile male. A worker (the majority of bees in a hive are workers) is an infertile female.

What time of the month is the female most fertile?

halfway between your 2 periods. there is a 48 hour window

Can you get pregnant during fertility?

That is what fertility means, the ability to get pregnant. Right after ovulation, a female is the most fertile.

After giving birth how fertile is the female?

Depends on how old the female is. If she is younger still very fertile. Having children doesn't change how fertile you are, age does. 30+ are much less fertile than someone in their 20's.

How long is a male rabbit fertile for?

Male rabbits arent fertile only female

What is the superlative for fertile?

Most fertile is the superlative for fertile.

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