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It isn't recommended that dogs be fed table scraps on a regular basis because it seldom contains the proper nutriments a dog needs. Too much fat, salt, sugar, etc. can actually be detrimental to a dog's health. A puppy should begin eating puppy food (guaranteed to have sufficient nutritional ingredients for healthy growth of bones, teeth, etc.) once the puppy has been weaned from its mother. It can graduate to adult food at about one year of age.

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Q: When is a good age to start feeding dogs table food?
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Why does your dog only want to eat table food and not his dog food?

Because it want's from the table! but don't even think about feeding it from the table!

What do dogs enjoy?

Playing, grooming, feeding (water and food) and sleeping.

What is a feeding pyramid?

it is a pyramid that distributes dog food to famished dogs!

What is infered were the feeding habits and food of the S Crassirostris?

dogs and cats

How do I keep my dogs from eating the food we leave on the table?

Dont leave food out on the table. Keep dogs out of the house or room at dinner or after.Take your dog to a trainer.

What is the meaning of the phrase 'to duck'?

This originated in the 17th century england. A boy was feeding his dogs with the food his mother gave him to feed the ducks. So when the lady found him feeding the dogs with the duck food, she got angry and yelled at him: not to dogs you moron, "TO DUCK"

What is the use of feeding pork TO DOG?

There is no use feed dogs dog food

What do you feed dogs?

dog food.....never any human or table food it can seriously harms some dogs

Can pit bulls eat raw food like chicken?

We have to be about feeding dogs with raw food. Any bacteria could enter the dogs system and make him sick.

How do you make a pit bull healthy?

Well, pit bulls are not amongst the healthiest breed of dogs. You will want to avoid feeding your dog table scraps or real food. Stick to just dry dog food. If you feed your dog canned food, you might want an organic food. Some vets carry frozen patties that your warm in the microwave and mix with their dry food. You should ask your dogs vet about any vitamins that you should feed your pet if he/she might possibly have a deficiency. Also, avoid feeding your dog rawhide.

What do dogs eat at night?

Same as during the day. There is no special food for late night feeding.

Why are dogs constopated?

The reason your dog is constipated is because the food you are feeding it... Therefore, GET BETTER FOOD! No people food, and try to get them to go to the bathroom more.