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The DVD as well as the Blu-ray version release date of the movie "Baby Mama" was September 9th of 2008. It is also available for rental on the Amazon Instant Video rental.

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What are the release dates for DVD on TV - 2003 Baby Mama 7-14?

DVD on TV - 2003 Baby Mama 7-14 was released on: USA: 14 March 2011

Is mama mia out on DVD in the US if not when is it coming out?

yes mama mia is coming to DVD on December 16,2008

Do Lil Boosie have a song about baby mama?

Yes it's called Baby Mama..... Baby mama baby mama i'm tired I'm to the point where i'm gon fire you (I'm tired...)

What is baby mama rated?

Baby Mama (2008) is rated PG-13.

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What was the Production Budget for Baby Mama?

The Production Budget for Baby Mama was $30,000,000.

When does the movie baby mama come out on video?

When does the movie baby mama come out on video?"

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Is the movie mama you want to sing on DVD?


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How much money did Baby Mama gross worldwide?

Baby Mama grossed $64,391,484 worldwide.

When was Baby Mama - song - created?

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So that baby would know who "not the mama" was.

How much money did Baby Mama gross domestically?

Baby Mama grossed $60,494,212 in the domestic market.

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