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He said he could come back right now if he wants and that he is cleared to wrestle. I think he will make a special appearance at wwe.

when Orton won the wwe championship from HHH with him a little longer Batista will make his return and challenge Orton for the next wwe championship match where Batista will most likely become the champion. So sometime around Nov-Jan

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he is already back stupid???

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Q: When is batista coming back from his injury in 2009?
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When is Batista coming back to Raw?

Dave Batista is coming back when he recovers from his hamstring injury which will be in the summer of 2009, but hopefully sooner.

When is batista coming back?

Batista has recovered from the injury (dislocated arm) randy orton and legacy caused in June 2009 . In a recent interview in Mexico , Batista said that he would be returning in September of 2009 . He also mentioned that he would return on an episode of Monday Night Raw or Breaking Point .

When is John Cena coming back from his injury from the summer slam 2008 against batista?

john cena will be coming back on servivers serice in 2008 on 23 november.

Where is Batista most ticklish?

WWE Batista is recovering from a back injury and he will be back soon.

What WWE wrestlers are coming back to the WWE in 2009?

christan cage, Mr McMan, Batista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is batista coming back in 2012?

No. He is not coming back in 2012

Is Batista coming back at wreslemania 25?

No he will be back in May

When is batista expected back to WWE?

He isn't coming back.

What month is batista coming back?

Batista returned to RAW the monday after wrestlemania 25

When is Batista coming back in WWE in 2012?

He isn't

Is batista coming back?

No he lost to a I Quit match

Can batista return to WWE?

Batista is doing a movie currently in Thailand rumors are moving him coming back after that