When is it safe to ejaculate in a woman without getting her pregnant?


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When she is using Birth Control

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Yes because it has sperm in it.

To get a woman pregnant semen has to come in contact with the vagina. It is possible to ejaculate without an erection, did you ejaculate? And if so did the ejaculate come in contact with her vagina? Without an erection it would be difficult to deposit the semen deep within her vagina so it would be more difficult to get pregnant but I suppose if you ejaculated without an erection then took the ejaculate and pushed it into her vagina then it would be possible.

Yes there are small amounts of sperm in it, and yes you can get a woman pregnant with it.

Yes; you can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate as well because a males pre-ejaculate contains sperm.

Yes. Especially if the guy ejaculates. Or if it's unprotected sex. There is also a slight chance of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate.

I don't know the statistics of getting pregnant with pre-ejaculate, but it is entirely possible. It only takes one sperm cell entering the egg to make a woman pregnant. Usually, many millions of sperm compete for the honor. In one drop of semen, there must be several hundreds or thousands of sperm cells.And, there are sperm cells in pre-ejaculate.

Yes, it's highly possible any woman can get pregnant their first time. In fact, it is possible that the woman can get pregnant without pentration of the vagina, or even without orgasm of the male. This is because, immediately following erection, a small amount of pre-ejaculate appears at the tip of the penis, and if this is touched or transferred to the vulva/vagina, the female can get pregnant.

A man who can ejaculate can make a woman pregnant, regardless of his strength or mobility.

Yes, there isn't really a difference between pre-ejaculate and ejaculate, it can have a lot of sperm in it and the guy can not even know that anything is coming out. How many times a woman has had sex has no relevance to if she is going to get pregnant or not.

Pre-ejaculate does contain sperm, and a woman can become pregnant at any time during her menstrual cycle.

If there are sperm in the condom the woman could get pregnant.

A man will ejaculate millions of sperm. Only one of these sperm are needed to make a woman pregnant. Therefore even the tiniest bit of ejaculate can cause pregnancy.

It would be extremely unlikely to get pregnant this way. Even with full ejaculation near the cervix it is 25% chance to get pregnant when a woman is highly fertile. All the best!

You can't. In fact, the man does not even need to ejaculate inside the woman for her to get pregnant, the moment penetration occurs, you run the risk of getting pregnant. Luckily, there are several methods of birth control available, from the pill to condoms to even abstinence. I suggest you try some these.

Merely sharing a bath will not get a woman pregnant, even if the man would ejaculate into the water. Getting pregnant pretty much requires intercourse, or at least that semen is directly transferred onto the woman's genitals.

Not true,it can't prevent woman from getting pregnant

Not sure what u mean, but pre-ejaculation has sperm in it. So a woman can get pregnant from that, but it will take a full day for the sperm to reach the egg, and almost a week for it to implant, and become a pregnancy.

sperm fertilzes the egg, without sperm no baby... so there is NO way a woman can get pregnant without contact of sperm

No it has to be inside of her or directly at the vaginal opening vaginal.

Yes, no problem. The growing baby is safely held inside the womb protected by a closed cervix and a bag of fluid. If the woman did happen to miscarry it would not be anything to do with have ejaculate inside her.

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