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John Cena is WWE's main franchise. McMahon will continue to main event Cena for the next several years. As to when he will lose the title, Randy Orton is hungrier for gold now than ever.but I'm thinking Sheamus will take the title away from Cena sooner rather than later.

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Q: When is john Cena going to lose the WWE championship?
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When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt?

He has now.

When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt NEVER...................................?


Is john cena going to get the WWE championship back at the royal rumble?

John Cena Will Win The WWE Championship At The Royal Rumble But Will Lose It To Sheamus At WWE Elimination Chamber.

Will john cena lose his WWE championship at vengeance?

edge will spear him and then win. so chances are John cena will not win.

When will the miz lose his WWE championship?

Most likely at Extreme Rules to John Cena or John MorrisonAt Over the Limit to John Cena.

When will Edge lose the WWE Championship?

Edge will lose the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. John Cena will be champ again.Answerthis Sunday

Did john cena lose his first match?

John cena did lose his first match

Why did john cena lose his title?

he lost to sheamus at TLC as cena was going for a superplex , lost balance and fell through the table

Who won in the you quit match in over the limit?

john cena win because he will never lose the wwe championship belt and he defeated big show for united states championship and john cena so strong and he can defeat goldberg and undertaker in 2011 for sure he will be champions of champions

Will john cena lose the WWE championship at summerslam 2011?

Mark Henry should win Sheamus Daniel Bryan should win Wade Barrett Randy Orton should win Christian CM Punk should win John Cena

When is John Cena going to lose the title?

Every champ evenually does, it's when he'll re-gain it, that's inquestion

Who did John Cena lose virginityto?

A Transylvanian stripper.

Ho won WWE championship elimination chamber match?

In 2010 John Cena had won the title in the elimination chamber only to lose it seconds later to Batista

What paperview event did john cena lose his WWE title in 2007?

John Cena didnt lose his title in 2007 he had to relinquish it due to injuring his left pectorial muscle

What is John Cena's girlfriend's middle name?

john cena why you lose the match

Who did the great khali first lose to?

John Cena in 2007

Will john cena lose his career at survivor series?

yes he will

How many wrestle manias did john cena lose?


Why is john cena leaving WWE?

john cena is leaving the WWE due to his loss of his match against nexus leader wade barret at HELL IN A CELL, he was forced to join the nexus. wade barret has had full control of john cena since then forcing cena to obey his every comand or lose his job. cena was made guest referee at orton and barrets WWE title match up using this to his advantage barret orders cena to help him win the WWE Championship or lose his job. cena not wanting to disobey his morals he judges the match fairly and orton ultimately wins resulting in cena possible WWE exit.He isn't.

Will John Cena leave Raw?

If he doesn't beat Randy Orton for the WWE championship at Bragging Rights he will be forced to leave Raw. John Cena would probably win that match according to the crowds he gets and ratings for the Raw each week. Raw can't afford to lose him.

Was WWE john cena ever in a money in the bank match?

did john cena lose the wwe champion in 2011 in money int the bank

Who is going to win the WWE Elimination Chamber 2010?

The winner of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was Chris Jericho to gain the World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of the Raw Elimination Chamber match was John Cena to gain the WWE Championship, only to lose it seconds later to Batista match made per McMahon.

How did the rock lose to John cena?

he did not jonny boy lost to the rock

Will Darren young make wade barrett lose against John cena at hell in a cell?

yes No Cena lost

Who won the match between John Cena and the Rock at wrestlemania 28?

The script called for Cena to lose----too fake.