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Q: When is lemonade mouth coming on DVD?
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When does Lemonade Mouth coming out on DVD?

It's out already!

When is lemonade mouth 2 coming out?

Sometime in 2012

What are all of the songs on lemonade mouth?

Somebody -Lemonade Mouth Determinate - Lemonade Mouth She's So Gone -Lemonade Mouth Turn up the Music -Lemonade Mouth And the Crowd Goes - Mudslide Crush Here We Go -Lemonade Mouth More Than A Band - Lemonade Mouth Living on high wire -Lemonade Mouth Breakthrough -Lemonade Mouth Don't Ya Wish You Were Us -Mudslide Crush Awesome -Lemonade Mouth

What are the names of the songs in lemonade mouth?

determinate (lemonade mouth) livin' on a high wire(lemonade mouth) breakthrough(lemonade mouth) don't ya wish u were us(mudslide crush) turn up the music(lemonade mouth) somebody(lemonade mouth) and the crowd goes(mudslide crush) more than a band(lemonade mouth) Here we go(lemonade mouth)

Is Adam Lambert in Lemonade Mouth?

no he isn't in lemonade mouth

When was lemonade mouth made?

Lemonade Mouth was made in 2011.

Where was lemonade mouth filed?

Lemonade Mouth was filmed in New Mexico

Is there going to be a lemonade mouth 2?

No there will be no second Lemonade Mouth movie.

How many pages does Lemonade Mouth have?

Lemonade Mouth has 352 pages.

What songs are in Lemonade Mouth?

1. "Turn Up the Music" (Lemonade Mouth) 2. "Somebody" (Lemonade Mouth) 3. "And the Crowd Goes" (Mudslide Crush) 4. "Determinate" (Lemonade Mouth) 5. "Here We Go" (Lemonade Mouth) 6. "She's So Gone" (Lemonade Mouth) 7. "More Than a Band" (Lemonade Mouth) 8. "Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?" (Mudslide Crush) 9. "Breakthrough" (Lemonade Mouth) 10. "Livin' on a High Wire" (Lemonade Mouth/Bonus Song) 11. "Awesome"( Lemonade mouth new hit single)

Are Lemonade War and Lemonade mouth connected?


When was Lemonade Mouth created?

Lemonade Mouth was created on 2007-03-13.

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